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Lea A New Day 2
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It has been over a year since the8 February 2022was transmitted first episode of Lea A New Day and, even now, many viewers who are passionate about the first season are wondering if Lea A New Day 2 will ever see the light or if there won't be a sequel and it will remain one TV series with only one season. That said, here are the latest updates with the new possible release date, advances and cast.

Lea A New Day 2: when does it start

At first the second season of Lea A New Day had been speculated for the debut of 2023, but currently the Rai it has not yet pronounced itself on the continuation of the fiction and, given the rich calendar of new arrivals on the small screen, it is rather unlikely that it will arrive in these months. It's possible, however, that she could be talking about it for the 2024 or at most forbeginning of 2025.

Lea A New Day 2: previews

In the meantime, as stated by several voices, there are still no previews of Lea A New Day 2. Further on, in case the Rai should release new information in this regard, we will update you with the full plot and confirmed cast of Lea A New Day 2.

Lea A New Day 2: the cast

Even for the cast di Lea A New Day 2 no information has been released yet, but making a first guess, all the actors and characters of the first round of episodes:

  • Anna Valle in the role of Leah Castelli
  • George Pasotti in the role of Marco Colomba
  • Mehmet Gunsur in the role of Arthur Minerva
  • First Reggiani in the role of Peter Verna
  • Daniela Morozzi in the role of Rosa Nibbi
  • Manuela Ventura in the role of Spark Mancuso
  • Marina Crialesi in the role of Olga Francesio
  • Rausy Giangare in the role of Michela Idiong
  • Jerry Matradomenico in the role of Donato Nibbi
  • Sergio Pierattini in the role of Eugenio Chiaravalle
  • Eleanor Giovanardi in the role of Anna Galgano
  • Cloe Gunsur in the role of Martina Minerva

Where to see Lea A New Day 2 on TV and in streaming

Currently Lea A New Day 2 it has not yet been broadcast in the clear on Rai Uno, but on the other hand you can find the repeat of the episodes of the first season on the free platform RaiPlay.

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