International Street Food, the trucks arrive in Nola

From 6 9 to June, Piazza Duomo a Nola will host the 'International Street Food Festival. The free event promises an immersion in global culinary delights, with a focus on homemade beers and traditional sweets around the world.

The event, already celebrated in other cities, is proposed as a showcase for the excellence of street food and offers a unique opportunity to savor different tastes in a festive and welcoming environment, making Nola a meeting point for gourmands and the curious.

The trucks with their international foods

Each truck is a small ambassador of its culinary culture, with proposals ranging from Mexican tacos to Abruzzo kebabs, from French crepes to Asian bao buns. The homemade beers selected ones accompany visitors on a journey through unique and unexpected flavours.

I vehicles they are not just refreshment points, but real meeting places where traditional recipes mix with modern innovations, creating dishes that delight and surprise. Between one tasting and another, participants can enjoy a lively and joyful atmosphere, immersed in the history and art of Nola, with music and performances that enrich the experience.

The variety of foods on offer makes every visit to the festival an adventure: whether it's indulging in an already loved dish or daring with new and bold flavors, there is something for every palate. In addition to gastronomy, the festival is an opportunity to appreciate the art of street food, celebrating the diversity and innovation that surrounds this now famous event on wheels.

  • Where: Nola
  • When: from Thursday 06 June 2024 to Sunday 09 June 2024
  • Price: the event is free
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