The Balloon Museum in Naples will remain open until March. Closing postponed

balloon museum

Il balloon museum chooses to stop at Napoli a little longer than necessary, perhaps also due to the closure period due to the damage suffered due to the bad weather in November 2023. Initially the museum was supposed to welcome visitors until February, but has extended the welcome until March!

The Balloon Museum doesn't close in February, it arrives in March

The Balloon Museum has decided to extend its warm welcome to the curious and art enthusiasts until 3 March. A gesture of defiance against the elements, which confirms the organizers' commitment to ensuring that this cultural pearl remains accessible.

The decision to postpone the closure is a victory for Naples which will be able to offer this entertainment to its citizens and, why not, also tourists.

The November crash, what happened to the Balloon Museum?

November brought not only a meteorological but also an emotional storm for the Balloon Museum. An unexpected event he saw one of his structures yield under the fury of rain and wind, leaving those who had purchased the ticket, as well as those who would then visit it, left empty-handed. Once the refunds started, the museum closed its doors for a period and then returned stronger than before.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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