The Nutcracker: the Moscow Ballet staged at the Bellini Theater

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The Nutcracker Ballet on stage at the Bellini Theater in Naples

The original version of the classic Nutcracker ballet on stage at the Bellini Theater

The magic of Christmas arrives at Teatro Bellini thanks to the representation of the show The Schiaccianoci, the classic ballet par excellence, one of the most famous from the 800th century to the present day.

From the 20 22 December 2013 il Moscow Ballet La Classique will bring to the stage of the Bellini a very faithful reconstruction of the work composed between 1891 and 1892 by Tchaikovsky on a booklet of Marius Petipa, the choreographer of the Russian Imperial Theaters of the late 800th century.

Petipa, to achieve The Schiaccianoci, was inspired by the tale of 1816 The Nutcracker and the King of Topsi, written by ETA Hoffmann, precursor of Romanticism, in the less bloody version reviewed by Alexandre Dumas History of a nutcrackeri, adapted for children.

In the version of the Teatro Bellini fidelity to the original performance of December 1892 at the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg will be respected, with the musical score of Tchaikovsky, the splendid choreography of Lev Ivanov, Petipa's successor, and the presence on stage of the dancers of the Moscow Ballet "La Classique", young talents from the best academies of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Even the Teatro San Carlo the ballet will be on stage The Nutcracker, with choreography and dance body of the Neapolitan Massimo. (Info on dates and prices of the show)

Information on the ballet The Nutcracker

When: from the 20 22 2013 December

Price tickets:

  • I place: 30 euro
  • II place: 25 euro
  • III place: 20 euro

Where: Bellini Theater, via Conte di Ruvo 14, Naples

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