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July 12 2021
Beaches and Pools for Dogs in Naples and Campania

In Campania we have the most beautiful beach in Italy (Cala degli Infreschi - Marina di Camerota), but Naples also offers a [...]

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March 10 2021
Poppella in Naples creates a new tasty dessert: the Queen of Zeppole

The Queen of Zeppole is born, the new delicious sweet of Poppella in Naples for the Father's Day and San [...]

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9 September 2020
Barittico in Naples: the first seafood delicatessen opens in Vomero

In the heart of Vomero, in Naples, Barittico opens: the first seafood delicatessen in the city, dedicated to new and [...]

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7 September 2020
The Chalet Ciro di Napoli opens a new restaurant in Vomero

New opening for the historic Chalet Ciro in Naples: a new venue will be inaugurated at Vomero between croissants and [...]

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February 11 2020
Cracker store in Naples: the first take away of stuffed crackers

Inauguration in Naples of the first Cracker store: the take away, first in the world, which will serve tasty stuffed crackers!

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January 6 2020
The Chalet Ciro at Naples Central Station: coffee and staples on platform 23

The historic Chalet Ciro has opened a new store in the Garibaldi Station in Naples to welcome in the best of [...]

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