Lucia Annunziata leaves RAI, "There are no conditions"

Lucia Annunziata the journalist
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A shock has gone through the world of the Italian media: Lucia Announced, a leading figure in the public service, has announced his farewell to Rai.
The information, first released by Ansa, arrived shortly after the confirmation of the new top management of the broadcaster.

In its resignation letter, the reporter pointed out of do not hold any personal grudges, leaving judgment on his work to the future decisions of whoever will take his place.

Misunderstandings with the government: the reasons for a choice

In her words, Annunziata brought out a marked dissatisfaction against the current government, attacking both the political line and the management methods.
The dissent focused in particular on the government's intervention on Rai, which fueled his disappointment.

“There are no conditions for a collaboration”

Lucia Announced

So stated the journalist, underscoring the seriousness and irrevocability of her decision.

The definitive farewell: a direct communication to the top management

The farewell news it was communicated directly to the top management of the issuer, with an email addressed to the managing director Roberto Sergio, to the general manager Giampaolo Rossi and to the new head of Insights Paolo Corsini.

The latter, was appointed by the Board of Directors (Cda) of Viale Mazzini right in the day of Annunziata's resignation.

Who will take the place of Lucia Annunziata? The future of "Half an hour more"

The question now on the horizon is: who will take the place of Lucia Annunziata? According to rumors reported by Repubblica, the program "Mezz'ora in più" will keep its place in the autumn schedule.
The mystery surrounds the name of new conductor or conductor who will take over from the journalist, whose career has been studded with important positions, including the direction of Tg3 and the Rai presidency.

The career and goals achieved by Lucia Annunziata

  • He worked as a correspondent for Il Manifesto, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera
  • She was director of Tg3 from 1996 to 1998
  • She became president of Rai in March 2003, a position from which she resigned in May 2004
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