May of 2018 Monuments in Naples dedicated to Giambattista Vico: here is the preview

May of Monuments 2018 dedicated to Giambattista Vico

The Certame Vichiano is the preview of the 2018 May of Monuments in Naples, dedicated to Giambattista Vico.

Il May of the 2018 Monuments will be dedicated to Giambattista Vico and the event foresees a very interesting one preview in April with a series of cultural events at the Liceo Classico Umberto in Naples.

This year we celebrate the 350 years since the birth of the Neapolitan philosopher and the prologue of this month brings together a series of initiatives in the program of the Certame Vichiano and they will take place by 19 21 to April. In addition to the Umberto High School, is organized by the University of Salerno, the Suor Orsola Benincasa University, the “L'Orientale” University, the University of Campania and the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies and with “Giambattista Vico. History illuminates Forcella. In addition, it is an opportunity to present the renewed NTL - Naples, Tourism & Legality app.

Here are the events of the Vichiano Certam, awaiting the complete program of the May of the Monuments.

Vichiano Certame Program

THEXI Vichiano Certame For the knowledge and diffusion of the thought of Giambattista Vico it's a national philosophy competition in which students participate and this year's theme is “The fabulous origins. History and poetry in Vico ”. The pupils of the penultimate and last year of the course of study, from all over Italy, must deepen the reflection of Giambattista Vico on the meaning of history analyzing the past and the importance of time which, through its progress towards the origins, also helps to understand the destiny of civilizations.

Through the poems, the philosopher has not only analyzed history as a faithful chronological reconstruction, but also as an instrument for interpret the works of man.

Here are the dates of the events at Liceo Umberto.

Thursday April at 19 15.30

Inauguration of the Certame - 16.00 pm Master's lesson.

Friday 20 April 8.30-12.30 Certame - 16.00

Guided visit to the Vichian sites in the historic center of Naples.

Saturday April at 21 10.30

Proclamation ceremony and awards ceremony for the winners of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies
Info: Certame Vichiano - Prof. Domenico Bianco: 338 4880996

NTL Zone app presentation

Friday 20 April, at 10,30

“Giambattista vico. History illuminates Forcella From "Forcella Transit" to "Zona NTL": routes, reflections and tools "

In the Municipal Space Piazza Forcella Annalisa Durante Library, in via Vicaria Vecchia 23, the Annalisa Durante Association, in collaboration with the Culture & Innovation Foundation and Legambiente - Vesuvius Literary Park, presents the aforementioned renewed APP "NTL AREA - Naples, Tourism & Legality". The aim is to create a community that is interested in promoting new tourist routes in Naples, itineraries in whose center there are not only the monuments, but also the testimonies of civilization, justice and charity that characterize the city.

Information on the preview of the Maggio dei Monumenti

When: from 19 to 21 April 2018


  • competition at the Liceo Classico Umberto I, Piazza Amendola 6

  • APP presentation: Annalisa Durante Library, in via Vicaria Vecchia 23

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Info: Official site

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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