Eat ragout at 1 euro per minute at the Naples Tandem

Neapolitan ragout

Eat ragù in industrial quantities, paying only 1 euro per minute at the Tandem in Naples: inside info and menus

Eat ragout in abundance paying one euro per minute? You can al Tandem Via Paladino (near Piazzetta Nilo), paying only for the time taken to consume the typical Neapolitan cuisine.

The idea comes from the genius of Manuela Mirabile, who, as a true lover of ragù, tried to invent a new way to taste it, having fun and delighting alone or in company.

Once the dish has arrived at the table, the waiter will take the time he / she has taken with a stopwatch, and nothing more will be presented to you on account other than the exact turns of the clock recorded by the staff. You can eat with your hands, with forks, spoons, in the center of the table, as much and in the way you want, to pay only for the time actually taken to consume your meal.

Il menu proposed today offers classic Neapolitan ragout with pasta, or to accompany with the bread shoe, and meat sauce vegetarian. For the most demanding palates, champagne, eggs with caviar, seasonal fruit, vodka and cognac with chocolate and meat sauce.

Do you find it a good idea, or do you think that all this coming and going could only cause you a big trouble?

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Written by Nadia Napolitano
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