Naples Marathon 2024, roads closed and parking bans removed

Marathon runners on the street. Healthy lifestyle. Urban athletes

Il 25 February 2024 it promises to be a special day for the city of Naples, with important changes to the TRAFFIC which will affect various road sections. Measures taken to ensure the carrying out of a event's audience that will require free and safe roads for athletes and participants. There will be bans transit need break and specific provisions for the means of public transport, in order to minimize inconvenience and ensure the correct carrying out of the planned activities.

The transit and parking bans established

The heart of the event will involve significant restrictions on vehicular traffic in key areas of the city.

Among 7pm and 00pm of the 25 February, a prohibition of vehicular transit along the following road sections, with exceptions limited to emergency and rescue vehicles, the police and authorized vehicles.

Here are the closed roads and activated parking bans:

  • Kennedy Avenue,
  • via Julius Caesar,
  • Lazio Gallery,
  • via Caracciolo,
  • via Partenope,
  • via Nazario Sauro,
  • Acton street,
  • Via Christopher Columbus,
  • Via New Marina,
  • via Vespucci,
  • via Ponte della Maddalena,
  • Via Alessandro Volta,
  • via Marquis Campodisola,
  • piazza Bovio,
  • Corso Umberto I,
  • until the halfway point Via Regina Sancia
  • back up Corso Umberto I,
  • piazza Bovio,
  • via Depretis,
  • Piazza Municipio,
  • Acton street,
  • Victory Gallery,
  • via Arcoleo,
  • Piazza Vittoria,
  • via Caracciolo,
  • Lazio gallery,
  • via Julius Caesar,
  • Piazzale Tecchio,
  • avenue Kennedy

In parallel, the Tow Away Zone in all the above-mentioned sections, including the suspension of paid parking areas and reserved parking lots, including those for taxis.

In addition, piazzale Atleti Azzurri d'Italia will host an area of parking for scheduled buses, thus facilitating public transport on a day that will see extraordinarily regulated mobility.

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