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The series Sea Out, which tells the stories of the boys detained in the Naples juvenile prison, presents in cast many young Neapolitans, and not, which for the first time have the opportunity to reach a wide audience such as that offered by RAI and especially from Netflix, where the series landed.

In addition of course to Caroline Crescentini, internationally renowned actress and to the commander Carmine Recano, another major player, we have i CHILDREN who play the part of inmates in the Naples juvenile prison of Nisida (even if in reality the location is not this).

Who is Carmine Di Salvo (o piecuro)? Career and private life of Massimiliano Caiazzo

Between the two protagonists of the series we find Carmine DiSalvo played by Massimiliano Caiazzo.

Born in Naples in 1996, he began to study acting for 18 years and his first art school was that of cinema Mèliès by Gianfelice Imparato. He then continued his studies in Rome.

After having participated in two short films Sorrentum and Plato's Symposium, he made his debut on television in 2016 with with Furore by Alessio Inturri. In 2018 the actor was selected among "The new ten young Italian talents" for the Officine Lab project during the Rome Film Fest.

In 2020 during the “77th Venice International Film Festival” he won the KGR Kinéo Young Revelations award. In 2021 he was on the big screen in Alessandro Pondi's School of Mafia with Michele Ragno.

The young actor currently lives in Roma and it's a lot Reserved. About him She does not leak anything about his private life, not even through his profile Instagram which, at the moment, matters 284K followers.

The character of Carmine di Salvo in Mare Fuori 1, 2, 3

  • In what seasons it is present: Sea Out 1, 2, 3
  • Because he is in prison: murder (to save girlfriend)
  • Friend of: Filippo
  • Boyfriend of: Nina (girl out of jail)

One of the protagonists di Mare Fuori present both in the first seasons and in the next (the third). A boy destined to be the leader of a clan he decides to rebel against the system trying to become a professional hairdresser, but unfortunately ends up in Naples juvenile prison for murder for protecting his girlfriend Nina during an assault. The girl was about to be raped by the son of a rival Camorra rival of the Di Salvo family, who later died at the hands of Carmine.

The boys antagonists of the IPM call him "'O Piecoro" which in Neapolitan means "the sheep" or "the coward", precisely because he did not want to be a criminal.

From the detention begins Carmine's climb towards freedom, to live together with his girlfriend Nina, and his deep friendship with Filippo Ferrari ('o chiattillo).

Spoiler first and second season on Carmine

Became the father of the child Future, Carmine yes marries with Nina, but sadly his partner is brutally killed to avenge the death of Ciro. Carmine is in fact accused of the death of this young clan leader who died in prison at the hands of Philip (or chiattillo). Di Salvo to protect his friend Filippo took the blame for this new murder.

Who is Filippo Ferrari ('o chiattillo)? Career and private life of Nicolas Maupas

Philip Ferrari di Mare Fuori is played by Nicolas Maupas, a young Italian actor born in Milano in 1998. Growing up in Magenta (Lombardy), his passion for cinema was born during a difficult period (his mother's illness) and thus, unwittingly he approaches this world. After graduating from high school he attends there'09 Academy of Milan, where he studies acting and dubbing.

His first major role comes with Mare Fuori in 2019 and later, thanks to this interpretation, he gets the role in the Rai fiction "A professor" in 2021.

Maupas's private life was followed a lot by fans, in fact he was romantically linked with Ludovica Coscione, also present in the cast of Mare Fuori in the role of Teresa. The actor, however, later stated that he is back single.

His instagram currently counts 376K followers.

The character of Filippo Ferrari in Mare Fuori 1, 2, 3

In what seasons it is present: Sea Out 1, 2, 3
Because he is in prison: manslaughter
Friend of: Carmine and, subsequently, Pino
Boyfriend of: Naditza (girl in prison)

Philip Ferrari is not Neapolitan but of Milano. She was in Naples for an event and, under the influence of drugs, she accidentally caused it death of a friend. The latter was leaning over to take a selfie and Filippo was designated to hold it, but involuntarily slipped. Philip's life was perfect: handsome, rich, studious and pianist. That's why he comes as soon as he enters the prison nicknamed 'O Chiattillo (or "father's son").

He immediately forms a deep relationship with Carmine DiSalvo and together they will try to win freedom to get back on the right path.

Spoiler first and second season on Filippo

Inside the prison he meets Naditza and a love story is born. It kills Ciro at the end of the season to defend his friend Carmine and witnesses the death of Nina at the hands of Totò, guilty only later discovered.

Who is Naditza? Career and private life of Valentina Romani

Already successful actress. Valentina Romani, which he interprets Naditza in Mare Fuori, was born in Rome in 1996. Diplomat at the Liceo Linguistico, but always passionate about theater who studied together with Saverio Vallone and Beatrice Gregorini. She also studied both , in French and at the “Percorsi d'attore” Academy directed by Giulio Scarpati. Finally, he spent two years in the “Jenny Drums School”.

Since 2014 it has arrived on the small screen (in some Rai fictions such as Che God Help us 4, One Step from Heaven 3, Fuoriclasse 3, Everything can happen) and it has never stopped. Also arrived on the the big screen with the film "Un Bracio" in 2016 and 2017 she was one of the protagonists of "The red door".

Through his Instagram he shares moments of private life. She was engaged with Francesco Capulli, with whom she lived in Rome, but after her breakup she engaged with Giacomo Sirolli very little is known about not being an actor.

His instagram currently counts 267K followers.

Naditza's character in Sea Out 1, 2, 3

In what seasons it is present: Sea Out 1, 2, 3
Because he is in prison: minor offenses committed specifically to escape from the family and take refuge in prison
Friend of: all the inmates, except Viola
Girlfriend of: Filippo (or chiattill)

Who is Ciro Ricci? Giacomo Giorgio's career and private life

James George, which he interprets Cyrus Ricci in Mare Fuori, was born in Naples in 1998. She made her debut alongside international actors such as Rupert Everett and Colin Firth in the role of the fisherman in "The Happy Prince". In 2017 she is present in the cast of "Non C'e Campo" by Frederick Moccia and in 2018 he is in "I bastardi di Pizzofalcone 2".

His passion for art began right away, from a play of Pulcinella, at the age of 11 he moved to Milano to study the Stanislavskij method and at 17 he began studying acting a Roma.

Giacomo Giorgio is currently engaged to Julia Alberoni.

The character of Ciro Ricci in Mare Fuori 1, 2, 3

In what seasons it is present: Mare Fuori 1, 2, awaiting confirmation for 3
Because he is in prison: murder (killed a friend who had betrayed his clan)
Friend of: leader of the gang with Totò, Edoardo, 'or Pirucchio and Pino (the latter only at the beginning)
Boyfriend of: Viola (inmate in the women's juvenile prison)

Cyrus Ricci is one of the protagonists of the first season of Mare Fuori. He is the leader of a gang inside the prison and the son of a powerful Camorra family.

Spoiler about Ciro Ricci di Mare Fuori

Definitely the summit of the dirty power inside the juvenile prison. Establishes relationships with Viola who actually manipulates him to get what he wants. He tries to kill Carmine di Salvo e Philip Ferrari.

Who kills Ciro Ricci in the Sea Out?

Ciro Ricci dies by the hand of Filippo. During the clash between Ciro and Carmine, the boy stabs Ciro to save his friend, and so there is an epic season finale with a very touching speech by the Commander. Here is the death scene of Ciro di Mare Fuori:

His friends, who are part of his gang, will have the letters of his name tattooed on their knuckles to remember him. Furthermore, Toto will try to avenge his death trying to kill Carmine, but in reality he will kill his girlfriend Nina.

Who is Pino? Artem's career and private life Tkachuk

One of the most controversial characters in "Mare Fuori", Artem Tkachuk plays "Pino o Pazz". Born in Ukraine in 2000, but raised in Salicelle district of Afragola (Naples). The actor is famous for being in the cast of the film “The paranza of the children”By Claudio Giovannesi, based on the novel by Roberto Saviano.

During an interview with he defines himself as a very combative boy:

It is something that I have learned in my path: the falls, the failures that I have had, which I then passed on to the character of Pino as well. The place where you grew up, poverty, hunger affect a lot on who you are, I can only tell you one thing, for me poverty is a privilege.

There is not much information on his vita privata, but we can get to know a little more via his instagram profile which currently matters 354K followers.

Who is Viola? Career and private life of Serena De Ferrari

Viola Torri is played by Serena De Ferrari. The actress plays a very difficult role in "Mare Fuori", Viola a girl locked up in the juvenile prison of Naples. The actress told a Marie Claire"It was chilling: to interpret it I was inspired by his way of squeezing the pupils to scare us and I trained not to move the facial muscles, as if I were a robot. "

She was chosen by Netflix for "Netflix Zero”, Where she plays a Milanese stylist.

Born in Torino in 1998, in addition to being an actress she studied music and opera singing for over 10 years. But later she realized that he was his true calling movies and enrolled in the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Who is Edoardo? Career and private life of Matteo Paolillo

Not only one of the characters in the series, Edoardo, but also Icaro the singer-songwriter who interprets the song of the opening theme from the Mare Fuori series.

Not much is known about his private life, some rumors claimed he was engaged to Ludovica Coscione (Teresa), but nothing has ever been confirmed.

The character of Edoardo Conte in Mare Fuori 1, 2, 3

In what seasons it is present: Sea Out 1, 2, 3
Because he is in prison: arrested for drug dealing
Friend of: he is part of the clan of the family of Ciro Ricci, in prison he is a friend of Totò, Edoardo, 'or Pirucchio and Pino (the latter only at the beginning).
Boyfriend of: Teresa (not detained)

Edward Conte is one of the characters who got major success. He has a partner out of prison who is expecting a child from him (later had), but falls madly in love with Teresa (the Sea Outside her).

Spoiler about Edoardo Conte di Mare Fuori

Edoardo lives a love story with Teresa, a volunteer high school student for a project at IPM. Their love will be very troubled and in the last season the girl leaves him after learning about her partner Carmela and their son.

After the death of Ciro he takes his place as clan leader inside the juvenile prison, but his nature is not criminal in fact the boys will follow him reluctantly. He tries to escape from juvenile prison so as not to be deported to Poggioreale.

He will be one of the central characters of the third season.

Who is Teresa? Ludovica Coscione's career and private life

Altra attrice who won the hearts of viewers thanks to his relationship with one of the main characters in the story. She is not being held in the juvenile prison, but she is student high school student voluntary for a project at the IPM

In its vita privata he had a brief affair with Saul Nanni, although perhaps it could just be an unconfirmed indiscretion. She later bonded with the Mare Fuori actor Nicolas Maupas, although they should have officially broken up in the spring of 2021. Although all the fans were hoping that love would break out between Matteo Paolillo (Edward) e Ludovica Coscione (Teresa), but the two seem to be just friends.

In addition to being an actress, the young woman is one model and publishes his photos on his Instagram profile and also on Tik Tok.

Who is' o Pirucchio (the louse)? Career and private life of Nicolò Galasso

The actor Nicolò Galasso has already appeared on the small screen, has in fact participated in the fiction: The New Pope, I Medici 3, While I was away. In addition, he was in the cast of two film: La Belva by Di Martino and If you embrace me by Salvatores.

One of the crudest characters in the Mare Fuori series. He is part of the gang of Ciro and is incredibly loyal to its leader, so much to be nicknamed "the louse" (due to his proximity) and suspected of being the man sent to carry out some of the strongest vendettas. The character of him arouses a lot Curiosity also because it derives from good family and he spontaneously chose to take the path of crime.

Season XNUMX spoiler

Or Pirucchio in Mare Fuori killed the dog Tyson di Pine (at the behest of Ciro) and was suspected of the murder of Nina. In the finale of the second season, after the events arising from Ciro's death, the boy finally did comb and he returns to the arms of his parents who have always waited for him to forgive him. '

Who is Totò? Antonio Orefice's career and private life

Actor already landed and known, Antonio Orefice plays Totò in Mare Fuori. But where have we already seen it? He appeared in "Gomorrah - the series" (Danielino's very young friend) and also at the cinema with "The Paranza of children", "Masaniello", "Bob & Marys", "Gramigna" and "Simple Soldier" with noteworthy roles.

Sentimentally he is linked to another actress from Mare Fuori. Maria Esposito and Antonio Orefice, in fact, they are engaged. Maria Esposito interprets Curly Rose, Ciro's sister and will have a fundamental role in the third season of Mare Fuori.

The Goldsmith actor, despite his career already full of notable interpretations, achieved real success thanks to fiction Sea Out.

Toto is a controversial character who has aroused many emotions in the viewers.

Spoilers first and second season

The young boy is part of a good family Neapolitan who decided to take him with her, so Totò was adopted in adulthood. This role was never accepted by the step brother, biological son of Totò's adoptive parents, and in a crazy moment of anger and jealousy the character of Orefice decides to take revenge blowing up his home and ending up in jail as a result.

What shocked the spectators of Mare Fuori is to discover that, after the death of Ciro, the very young Totò, also part of the gang, decides to take revenge of the death of his leader trying to kill his killer (Carmine, even if in reality it was not him), but in the end he accidentally kills Carmine's partner. He is therefore the man who took Nina's life di Mare Fuori and it is he who will ask for Carmine's forgiveness on his knees before being transferred to Poggioreale (non-juvenile prison in Naples).

Who is Rosa Ricci? Career and private life of Maria Esposito

Recently arrived in the cast of Mare Fuori, she will have her space especially in Mare Fuori 3. The actress Maria Esposito is girlfriend n Antonio Orefice (Totò di Mare Fuori) and will have a crucial role in the series.

The girl has just started hers career and was formed at the Naples Acting Academy through individual acting and diction lessons held by the teacher Piera Violante. Mare fuori 2 (only a few final episodes) allowed her for the first time to show off her talent on the small screen

Spoiler first / second season Mare Fuori

Rosa Ricci is the sister of Ciro Ricci, who died at the hands of 'O chiattillo at the end of the first season. The girl's goal will be to take revenge for her brother's death and take out Carmine Di Salvo, accused of Ciro's death (although not guilty).

Who is Kubra? Kyshan Wilson's career and private life

kubra is a character who arrives in the second season of Mare Fuori and has quickly conquered the viewers. She recently she was involved in scandal of the nun who stopped filming because her character was busy kissing with Viola di Mare Fuori.

The young actress, Kyshan Wilson, was born in London in 2003 and starting from 2021 she was able to show off her talent. In fact, she was present in "Viola come il mare" (Directed by Francesco Vicario), "Sotto la luna di Amalfi" (Directed by Martina Pastori) and precisely in "Mare fuori 2" (Directed by Ivan Silvestrini and Milena Cocozza) .

His character will play a very important role in Sea Out 3.

cover photo source: Instagram Massimiliano Caiazzo

Spoilers on Mare Fuori 3 and 4

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