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Marenna Mob in Posillipo (Naples), flashmob with bread and aubergine parmigiana

Marenna Mob, the flashmob with bread, "mulignane and puparuoli"! At Posillipo, the event dedicated to eggplant parmigiana and Neapolitan peppers!

"There is no love more sincere than love for food". Thus the Irish writer George Bernanrd Shaw and us Neapolitans recited, in full respect of ours culinary traditions, we could not agree more.

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For this reason, a flashmob of food can only be an excellent and tasty idea. This is what the Neapolitan blogger Egidio Cerrone thought when he decided to organize the Marenna Mob, the flashmob all dedicated to the peasant bread and the eggplant parmigiana.

Cerrone is very well known on the web under the pseudonym Puok and Med e Friday October 3 2014 he will be out at the bar Mad'In Food of Posillipo waiting for his event to attract as many people as possible to himself. Strictly Neapolitans and food lovers. So much so that they will be invited to abstain, jokingly, the antinapoletans and the antimarenna.

But what will be the menu thought for the evening? Naturally there will be Neapolitan foods and drinks, and you can choose between:

  • bread and pparmiggiana 'and mulignane (piece of peasant bread with aubergine parmigiana)
  • bread and ppuparoles (piece of peasant bread with sautéed peppers)

accompanied by a glass of Neapolitan beer Club 27 (because "Peroni was sold to a South African company).

The event, as stated by the organizer, "Was designed to combat the rash of snacks, sandwiches light, sandwiches and silly (horror!) Of crackers".

Everything will be possible for the amount of 5 € (4.50 euro if you choose another drink instead of beer) and those who will join in the evening a Slow Food (other organizer of the evening) receive a free ticket to spend in the local Mad'In Food.

Information Marenna Mob

When: October 3 2014
Where: local Mad'In Food, via Posillipo 253 (adjacency Piazza San Luigi)
Schedule: from the 19.30 22.00
Menu prices: 4.50 € (with drink) and 5 € (with Neapolitan beer)

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