Obligatory masks in Campania, here is the new order of De Luca

Vincenzo De Luca

The President of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, with aregional ordinance, Has Government measures confirmed in relation toobligation to wear a mask to protect yourself from Covid in some circumstances.

In fact, the Government has extended the obligation to wear them, among other things, in hospitals and in Rsa until the end of November 2022, but De Luca, in advance, had already extended the regional ordinance which provided for this deadline.

In this case, therefore, the Region and the Government align themselves in the decision to maintain these anti-Covid measures, considering that the virus continues to circulate, even changing.

What the regional ordinance says

The provision: states that from 1 November to 30 November 2022 there is an obligation to wear masks:

  • in all health, hospitality and long-term care facilities;
  • in the RSA;
  • in nursing homes;
  • in hospices;
  • in rehabilitation facilities;
  • in residential facilities for the elderly.

They are not obliged to wear a mask:

  • children under the age of six;
  • people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask;
  • people who need to communicate with a person with a disability so that they cannot use the device.

The recommendation for means of transport

There remains the recommendation, without obligation, to wear the mask on public means of transport and in all crowded places, where then gatherings are created.

De Luca always says he is worried about infections and says that:

the persistence of non-marginal levels of contagion obliges the caution, especially with respect to patients and vulnerable groups in hospitals and RSAs. It would be unacceptable to force patients, perhaps bedridden, to be treated by unvaccinated personnel, this would be a form of violence against the most vulnerable.

In his latest statements we can also recognize the fear of the reintegration of no vax staff in health facilities.

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