Meghan Markle pregnant with third child, Harry upset: what we know

Friday, 17/03/2023
Andrew Navarro

Recent sources stated that the report between Harry and meghan was about to end and that Harry had returned to the royal family, moving away from his consort (who now appeared as an ex-wife). But one news, which has become increasingly insistent, seems to suggest a new scenery.

meghan markle she would be pregnant. The news of the pregnancy of meghan markle of the third child he surprised everyone, especially the couple, who had always said they didn't want more than two children. A photo would have confirmed a suspicious tummy.

A son to avert the crisis between Meghan and Harry

A new baby in the family might strengthen il bond between Harry and meghan, bringing them closer together after a period of tension. Furthermore, the birth of the child could change the Sussexes' public image, which has deteriorated after the statements against the Royal Family contained in Harry's autobiography. Replace the image of Harry and meghan whiny and capricious with that of the Sussexes loving parents it would be a ransom for the couple.

Issues for the coronation of King Charles

On the other hand, however, the pregnancy it could also complicate the Sussexes' life ahead of the coronation of King Charlesscheduled for May 6th. If the pregnancy is confirmed and Meghan is past her third trimester, hers baby bump would be the center of attention, stealing the show at the ceremony which should instead focus on Charles and the Queen consort Camilla.

Meghan's strategy?

Other sources, decidedly nastier, would state that pregnancy could become a Meghan's trick not to go back to London, and Harry could stay in Los Angeles under the guise of not wanting to leave his pregnant wife alone with two small children. This move could cost the Prince his only chance to reconciled with Charles, who would hardly be able to forgive him if he refused to participate in the coronation.

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