Meloni meets De Luca “I'm the bitch Giorgia Meloni”

Meloni and De Luca in Caivano

At the recent inauguration of the sports center a Caivano, we witnessed a curious exchange between the president of the Campania Region, Vincenzo De Luca, and the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni. Meloni began with a rather singular phrase, referring to De Luca:

“President De Luca, that bitch Meloni. How are you?"

Giorgia Meloni

De Luca responded calmly and politely: “Welcome. Good for health"

But what happened and why this bizarre greeting?



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When Vincenzo De Luca called Meloni a bitch

An exchange that has roots in a previous episode. The 16 February, during a meeting with journalists at Camera, De Luca had defined Meloni as the term in question, all evidenced by a video of a La7 operator. The video of the exchange with Caivano was then relaunched on social media by the event Brothers of Italy, Atreju, with the comment: "Giorgia, teach us about life".

Subsequently, De Luca stressed that he had no offensive intention towards Giorgia Meloni and that the term used was not an insult but a simple joke.

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