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Day of Remembrance in Naples: events for the commemoration


The program of events for the 2021 Memorial Day in Naples to remember all the victims of the Holocaust.

La Holocaust Memorial Day each is celebrated 27st January, worldwide, for commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and the chosen date recalls the liberation of the Auschwitz extermination camp by the Russian army.

Also in Naples it takes place various events, this year mostly online because of the pandemic that has hit us, to remember the importance of the values ​​of social justice and civil courage and not to forget what happened so that it does not happen again.

Here are the main events and the program it will be updated as there are new initiatives.

The Museums of Memory, architectures that tell stories

On Wednesday 27 January at 17.30 pm, the fifth edition of "The Museums of Memory, architectures that tell" starts, and the Ezio De Felice Cultural Foundation presents the meeting "The BBPR and the museum-monument to the political and racial deportee in the extermination camps Nazis of Carpi ". It is an online meeting and, as special guest, there will be Elena Montanari, the author of the book “Permanence and topicality. The BBPR and the Museum-Monument of Carpi ".

You can follow the event on the page Facebook of the Foundation. At 9.00, however, you can follow the conference "The Righteous among the Nations" on CIRB YouTube channel.

Memory and Courage, the strength to change Denying Denial

The meeting that will take place at Liceo Elsa Morante on Wednesday 27 January, from 9:30 to 12:30 as part of the activities of the Workshop for the Promotion and Training of Legality and the development of critical and conscious thinking "La Casa di Elsa ". It enjoys the Moral Patronage of Municipality 8 of the Municipality of Naples.

The themes will be Civil Courage and the responsibility of the good citizen to defend the laws, fundamental actions to guarantee freedom, justice and democracy.

The program includes the greetings of the Headmaster of the Liceo Elsa Morante, the professor Giuseppina Marzocchella, the participation of Dr. Giuseppe Centomani, Director of the Juvenile Justice Center of Campania, the philosopher Simona Marino who will talk about civil courage focusing on the philosophers Hannah Arendt and Simone Weil . Then there will be the intervention of Professor Genoveffa Palumbo of the University of Rome 3 who will talk about the courage and history of the island of Procida which has also recently been named Italian Capital of Culture 2022. Finally, Engineer Paolo Poti will speak about the experience of his father Salvatore, captured by the Nazis during the Second World War and, with the help of two other prisoners, he opposed the regime.

The meeting will be attended by all the pupils of the fifth classes and the teachers of the Lyceum as well as the Managers of the High Schools of Naples and the partners of the “La Casa di Elsa” project.

Excavations of Herculaneum, the entrance illuminated in red

"A light not to forget". The facade of the entrance of the excavations of di Ercolano di Corso Resina lights up red until January 27 (from January 19) to commemorate the Day of Remembrance.

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