Men and women, Desdemona expelled responds on social media

Thursday, 16/03/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
desdemona of men and women

Desdemona returns to the spotlight afterwards to the controversial episode of Men and Women on March 15th, in which she was kicked off the show on the decision of Mary of Philippi.

The lady of the throne over was "unmasked" through a series of audio recordings which showed how was misleading the production of the Mediaset talk show, since his main objective seemed to be to gain visibility and, perhaps, to get paid for the trip by the production.

After the offending episode aired, Desdemona vented on social networks, revealing that she having engaged his lawyers to take care of the situation.

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Mary of Philippi removes Desdemona from the cast of Men and Women over

Specifically, the last episode of Men and Women aired on Canale 5 was marked by the firm stance of Mary of Philippi against Desdemona.

Following Armando's complaints, who unmasked the lady playing recordings compromising that involved her, the presenter of the Mediaset talk show decided that the lady of the throne over should leave the cast permanently of his program.

A determined and resolute decision by the presenter, who in the past she hadn't been at all soft towards members of the over and classic throne that they had duped the production of his afternoon show.

Su WittyTV the complete video of the exclusion.

Desdemona takes legal action

However, following the airing of the offending episode, Desdemona decided to break the silence on social media, revealing that he had asked his lawyers to take up the case.

The former lady of Men and Women throne over then revealed that she had requested lawsuits towards

  • Gianni Sperti,
  • Armando Incarnate,
  • Alexander Schiavone

The charge is relative the dissemination of the material during the episode broadcast this week on Canale 5.

Offensive comments cut during editing


This is Desdemona's accusation in response to the expulsion.

But it doesn't end there, as the lady also shared some details regarding what would have happened during the recording of the offending episode, which has sparked much criticism and controversy on social networks.

As reported by the lady, some scenes would have been cut during editing.

I consider the offensive and sexist comments directed at me shameful, some of which were cut during editing


How will the situation develop? What will be the reactions of Gianni, Armando and Alessandro?
We'll find out in the next few hours.

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