Mengoni and Mahmood declared gay. Outing on the Rai Che Sara program

Mengoni and Mahmood

Marco Mengoni he always cared about his personal sphere constantly trying to dodge sentences that didn't pertain to his musical career. His will was of no use, in a program of Rai 3 he was outed.

Before talking about what happened, let's remember the meaning of outing, very different from coming out. The use of the term is used for the situation in which the sexual orientation - or gender identity - of a person who has never confessed it firsthand is made public.

During the broadcast "What will be", condotto Serena Bortone su Rai3, highlighted the sexual orientation of Marco Mengoni and Mahmood. I'm the one talking Roberto D'Agostino and Peter Gomez.

Video of the coming out at 'Che Sara': “Mengoni and Mahmood are gay”

The revelation regarding the sexual orientation of Marco Mengoni e Mahmood created a stir. During “Che Sara,” Roberto D'Agostino and Peter Gomez made some sparking comments controversy, touching sensitive issues such as privacy.

Mengoni e Mahmood, both committed to the forefront of community support LGBTQ + and in the fight against all forms of discrimination, they always have kept confidential about their private lives, highlighting the importance of discretion and respect.

Le statements on Mengoni and Mahmood have reignited the debate on the boundaries between public and private life of celebrities. D'Agostino, recalling previous episodes of visibility LGBTQ + in the context of the show, he highlighted Mengoni's alleged declaration of homosexuality.

The discussion then moved onMengoni's clothing, with controversial comments about the use of skirts, and on personal anecdotes relating to Mahmood, highlighting cultural and social stereotypes.

Not everyone thought it was the right thing to do outing of these two artists, when they have repeatedly declared that they want to talk about their music and nothing else.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
Image source: Insagram profile Marco Mengoni + Instagram profile Mahmood
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