Metro line 1 Naples: service limited to the Garibaldi-Colli Aminei section

Friday, 07/04/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
subway line 1

Starting at 10: 30 ANM communicated a stop regarding the Subway 1 Line due to a copper theft.

Line 1, in fact, underwent a temporary reduction of its route, with a partial service limited to section between Garibaldi and Colli Aminei.

The decision to limit the circulation of Line 1 was taken for ensure safety of travelers and staff to allow restoration interventions following major thefts of copper on the line.

ANM's post about the suspension:

Le authority competent they are working for resolve as soon as possible the situation and restore the full service of Line 1, but at the moment no precise time has been provided for the restoration.

The alternative lines and the BUS

An alternative line has been activated, the 665 but it should be noted that ANM already offers alternatives to the Metro Line 1 currently suspended in the Piscinola - Chiaiano - Frullone - Colli Aminei section:

  • Dante-Piscinola: line 178
  • Dante-Frullone: ​​line 168
  • Matteotti-Frullone: ​​line 168
  • Frullone-Piscinola: line 167
  • Frullone-Museo: line 168 or line 178
  • Vomero-Piscinola: line 180
  • Vomero-Chiaiano: line C44 at Cardarelli change to 165
  • Museum-Piscinola: line C67
  • Piscinola-Garibaldi: line R5
  • Piscinola-Vomero: line 180
  • Piscinola-Museo-Dante: line C67 at Capodimonte change with 168 and 178
  • Piscinola-Ospedali: up to Frullone 167 and change to 165
  • Frullone-Museo-Dante: line 168
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