Metro Line 1, the entire line stops due to a fault (update)

Subway 1 Line of Naples

Starting from 6:00 today May 10th, the users of the meter line 1 of Naples are facing some inconveniences due to a breakdown. For questions related to technical problems not better specified, the metro service is not active along the entire route with stopped trains.

We are still waiting for updates from ANM on the matter.

Update of 20: 16

The subway is once again stopped along the entire line.

Updating 7.50

The metro has reopened along the entire line with the exception of the Municipio station which remains closed. The reasons for the stop are not yet known.

What to do if you need to travel

Passengers who need to travel will have to use alternative means. The transport company could provide some substitute services, as shuttle buses, to ensure the continuity of public transport, but at the moment nothing has been communicated in this sense.

There is also the possibility of using other public transport lines, such as buses or trams, which connect the metro to other areas of the city. You can check them using theGiranapoli application.

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