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La Line 6 of the Naples subway it will finally return to operation from 17 July 2024. An event highly anticipated by Neapolitans, which will finally significantly improve mobility in the city. With the reopening of the line the long-awaited section will be activated from Fuorigrotta to Piazza Municipio which will connect Line 6 with Line 1.

The expected train frequency is a train every 4 and a half minutes, but the goal is to bring the route to have a train in transit every 3 minutes.

When will line 6 open?

The reopening of Line 6 is scheduled for 17 July 2024 contrary to what was said at the beginning when talking about July 1st. Until September the line also operates reduced hours for trend analysis, with stop at 15pm, from mid-September we will start with full hours.

The inauguration will take place on July 16th at 11am, but public service will start the following day.

The renovation and modernization works have begun over a decade ago, are now close to completion. A date that marks the return to operation with an extension up to Piazza Municipio, of one of the main transport arteries of Naples, ready to facilitate the daily movement of thousands of citizens and visitors, finally allowing them to reach the seafront of Naples from the city center and the university area of ​​Fuorigrotta with greater ease.

Metro Line 6 stops: where it will arrive and what it will be connected to

Line 6 of the Naples metro will connect Fuorigrotta with Piazza Municipio. At Piazza Municipio, travelers will have the opportunity to interchange with the 1 Line, which extends to Vomero, Chiaiano and the Central Station of Naples.

Starting from the stop Show, a crucial hub for interchanges with other lines, the route includes the stations of Augusto (i.e. in Viale Augusto in Fuorigrotta) e Lala (still in Fuorigrotta off Largo Alessandro Lala), and then arriving at Mergellina where it will be possible to connect with Trenitalia Line 2. Continuing towards the city center, the metro stops at Arco Mirelli/Repubblica e San Pasquale, until you reach Chiaia and finally the terminus a Municipality (Select), where it connects with Line 1.

The stops in planning

In addition to the stops that will be activated from July 1st, other stops are planned that will see the light in the coming years. The complete route, starting from Nisida, will proceed towards Steelworks e Neghelli, Via Countryside e Posillipo which will finally be connected by a subway. As already mentioned, these stops are still in the planning phase, so they are not currently active.

Here is the list of Metro Line 6 stops

  • Municipality (Select)
  • Chiaia
  • San Pasquale
  • Arco Mirelli/Repubblica
  • Mergellina
  • Lala
  • Augusto
  • Show
  • Posillipo
  • Countryside
  • Neghelli
  • Steelworks
  • Nisida

The story of the adventure of Line 6

Originally partially open, the line suffered a long pause in the works, extending for over a decade due to technical and financial complexities. Jobs, started in the 90s, aimed to create a modern transportation infrastructure that would effectively connect several key areas of the city, but were interrupted several times.

During the years, the plans were revived and modified to adapt to new needs and economic availability. The project saw renewed interest under several city administrators, each of whom brought new ideas and funding to complete the work. The reopening, now scheduled for July 17, 2024, marks the end of a long wait for the citizens of Naples and represents a significant victory in the modernization of the city's public transport services.

  • Where: Napoli
  • When: Tuesday 16 July 2024, from 11pm
  • Price: the event is free
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