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Mika in concert in Naples: at the Palapartenope the Revelation Tour for the only Campania stop


Mika's concert at the Palapartenope in Naples is one of the most awaited Italian musical events. The Revelation Tour is coming ”!

Mika will sing at Palapartenope of Naples for 'only bell stop of a twelve-date tour. It is the second part of the Revelation Tour and the concert will be held on February 5 2020. It will be one of the flagship events with which the Palapartenope will inaugurate the new year of concerts.

The Revelation Tour

Mika's tour will bring around, even in Europe, Australia and Asia, the intimate and extremely delicate pieces of My Name is Micahel Holbrook, a disc through which the artist tells of reconciliation of one's public self with its more personal story and intimate. A story represented by family ties and by that personal name that even the singer's mother stopped using within hours of the birth of the baby that everyone would have called Mika.

The pieces that make up the disc were written during two long years of reflection, which went on between London, Miami and Tuscan countryside in which Mika has found his home air in Italy.

A show with majestic effects

The sound and visual effects of Mika's concert will be phenomenal and the audience and music will always be at the center. Each date will be unique and the patterns will not repeat on different shows. The set will remember aimmense art installation, there will be no screens and the stage will be all extended to the public.

Mika's band

Accompanying Mika on stage, playing old big hits and new songs, there will be Timothy Van Der Kuil (guitar), Max taylor (bass), Wouter Van Tornhout (battery) e Mithcell Yoshida (piano).

In addition, each member will play two instruments.

A long tour of a great international artist

Mika will perform well 12 stages in Italy and the date of Naples marks the only appointment in Campania. An event not to be missed. Furthermore, he is the only international artist to hold so many concerts in our country, from north to south.

Information on Mika's concert at the Palapartenope

Where: Palapartenope, Naples

When: 5 February 2020

Prices: from 30 to 40 Euro

Time: from 20: 30 23 to: 00

Information and contacts: Palapartenope Official Website

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