BIT electric scooters in Naples, how and where to rent them

Napoli greets the return of electric scooters for rental with renewed rules thanks to the authorization of Common. The society BIT Mobility, already known in the city as Florence e Palermo, plans to implement 700 vehicles by August, with a contract extended until 30 June 2025.

The rules

The rules for new ones scooters are more stringent than in the past.

  • Obligation to targa for each scooter.
  • Automatic speed limiter a 20 km/h in vehicular areas e 6km/h in pedestrian areas
  • Helmet mandatory for i minors.
  • Mandatory insurance with Generali Italia spa.

The service will be available within 75 days by the authorization of 27 May 2024. There will be limitations on where scooters can ride, excluding for example areas such as Borgo Marinari e San Gregorio Armeno. Parking is required in scooter stalls or designated racks, parking areas will be indicated right on the app during use.

Where to find them

I scooters they are available in various strategic points of Napoli. Here is the full list of places where they can be found:

  • Piazza 7 Settembre
  • Piazza San Giovanni Bovio
  • Duomo Metro Station
  • Piazza Garibaldi
  • Naples Business Center
  • Hospitals
  • All entrances to the ring road
  • All the parks
  • Via Benedetto Croce
  • Piazza San Domenico Maggiore
  • Via San Biagio Dei Librai
  • Piazzetta Nilo
  • Via Nilo
  • Via San Giovanni Armeno
  • Vico Maffei
  • Vico San Nicola a Nilo
  • Via Giovanni Paladino
  • Vico Donnaromita
  • Vico Giuseppe Orilla
  • Via dei Tribunali
  • Via San Paolo
  • Vico Cinquesanti
  • Vico Gerolonimi
  • Via Toledo
  • Plebiscito Square

THEApp official of BIT Mobility offers additional details for each location, including information on where scooters are not allowed and where they must be properly parked.

How to rent them

To rent i scooters, simply download theApp di BIT Mobility, always active. L'App also offers special packages e promotions, as well as all the information necessary for safe and regulated use. Awareness initiatives to safe driving are involving schools e local communities, promoting the sustainable mobility insecurity.

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