Renaissance music and dance at the Filangieri Museum in Naples: a free concert

Woman plays the harp during a symphonic concert. Close up on hands and strings.

Saturday 18 May 2024 at 10 am at Filangieri Civic Museum of Naples, on the occasion of "Museum Day", an event will take place Reserved Music, or Renaissance music and dance at the Museum.

The show will be a succession of melodies and voices which will allow guests in the room to completely immerse themselves in this experience. In particular, the concert will be based on the music, songs and dances typical of the 15th and 16th centuries, it will be an engaging evening between odd voices, percussion, wind instruments and plucked instruments.

The show is free, but to participate you will have to purchase the entrance ticket to the Museum costing 3 euros, given that the event takes place inside. For all information and to make a reservation for the show you will need to call 081203175 or send an email to

Who is Musica Reservata

Reserved Music was born in 1989 and is nothing more than a vocal and instrumental ensemble that was created with the aim of spreading and making the beauty of Renaissance music known to the widest possible audience.

For its concerts, the musical group uses reproductions of ancient musical instruments, precisely to convey feelings and emotions typical of this genre of art to those who listen.

  • Where: Filangieri Civic Museum
  • When: Saturday 18 May 2024, from 10:30
  • Prezzi:
    • You only pay for entry to the museum: €2.99
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