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Musicians at the Palapartenope in Naples, on stage the musical with the songs of Pino Daniele

Musical Musicians

At the Palapartenope Theater of Naples will be staged "Musicanti", musical with the songs of Pino Daniele played by great artists!

Update: added the dates from 21 to 23 December for the great success and the sold out received from the first dates!


From the 7 to the 9 and from the 21 to the 23 December 2018 will go on stage at the Palapartenope Theater of Naples "Musicanti", musical with the songs of Pino Daniele. Together with the important soundtrack, the show will see the participation of great performers between spectacular choreography and effects.

The goal is to bring the songwriter's musical language into the play, thus producing an original and eclectic artistic experience. In particular, for the musical the songs of the first albums were chosen, with their own fusion of rock, blues, jazz, soul.

Among the pieces stand out the original arrangements and beloved of Je so 'crazy, Napul'è, Yes I know my way and I like 'or blues, that will be played live every evening. The lineup also includes "Walk walking ","Lazzari happy "," Music music "," Tutto n'ata storia ","Quanno chiove"And some songs from the following repertoire, such as" Che satisfaction "and" Anima ".

The cast consists of twenty artists, ten actors-singers and ten dancers, who will tell the audience the story of Antonio, back in Naples for a mysterious heritage. The scenography will be very impressive with movements and dances that will accompany the music to perfection.

The unpublished text is written by Alessandra Della Guardia and Urbano Lione. It is produced by Sergio De Angelis for Ingenius Srl, the original subject and screenplay are by Alessandra Della Guardia and Urbano Lione and the artistic direction is by Fabio Massimo Colasanti. The direction is by Bruno Oliviero and the choreography by Cristina Menconi.

A history of roots and rebirth, which will see the protagonist struggling with the difficult aspects of the city and will allow him to rediscover values ​​like friendship, courage, the struggle for what you believe in.

The history of the musical

Antonio he is a boy forced to go back to Naples after receiving the news of a testamentary bequest which provides for the management of a local called Ue Man, owned by the now deceased father.

Obliged to stay in the city, Antonio will also make the friendship of various people who will face this adventure with him, like the street artist Dummì, the waitress is a singer of the local Anna, the friend Teresina, the old Rita knowledge. You will also have to defend from the delinquent 'O Scic that will tempt him some traps.

There will also be Donna Concetta with his stories, Tatà and Anna's grandfather.

What will the future hold for it?

The cast

The cast consists of Noemi Smorra, Alessandro D'Auria, Maria Letizia Gorga, Simona Capozzi, Pietro Pignatelli, Enzo Casertano, Francesco Viglietti, Leandro Amato, Ciro Capano. The "resident band"Who will perform the songs live respecting the original arrangements is composed of" friends "of Pino: Fabio Massimo Colasanti, guitar; Roberto d'Aquino, bass; Fabrizio De Melis, viola; Alfredo Golino, battery; Hossam Ramzy, percussion; Simone Salza, sax; Elisabetta Serio, piano -tastiere.

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Information on the musical Musicanti at the Palapartenope

Where: Palapartenope of Naples, via Corrado Barbagallo 115

When: 7, 8 and 9 and from 21 to 23 December 2018

Timetables: 7, 8, 21 and 22 December at 21.00 | 9 and 23 December at 18.00


Information: Official website | Facebook page .

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