Naples, Maxi seizure of false flags: they were income earners

Wednesday, 15/03/2023
Gennaro Marchesi
Fake flags of Naples sold on a stall

A joint action by the local police led to a huge seizure of Naples items and products in Arzano, including flags, t-shirts and objects of various kinds with the image of osimhen, Kvaratskhelia and Maradona, all for a total value of 3.000 euros.

The penalties imposed on sellers amount to 11.000 euros. The distribution chain of these fake products has shown a significant increase in recent weeks.

Stalls with gadgets and celebratory flags

In via Napoli and in the Arzano roundabout, al border between the Secondigliano district and Casavatore, stalls selling were identified scarves, t-shirts, flags and commemorative items of winning the Scudetto.

Among the figures represented, the most popular footballers stand out, namely osimhen, Kvaratskhelia and the historic Maradona, but there were also articles with the "number three", pennants, scarves, trumpets and caps, a clear reference to the victory of the third championship.

Investigations revealed that a seller was taking the income

Investigations revealed that one of the sellers turned out to be the recipient of the Basic income. Agents will now focus on finding the labs where the counterfeit material.

Counterfeit flags also on sale on Facebook

There are many sellers, hundreds of them, who on Facebook Marketplace have put on sale products that, already to the eye, appear to be counterfeit, in what is nowadays a real fake business.

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