Naples, after the Venus of Rags comes a new artistic installation

Napoli prepares for one new artistic installation at the Rotonda Diaz. After the success of the Venus of the Rags, the city is ready to welcome another monumental work, with the aim of further enriching the cultural and tourist panorama of the seafront.

The success of the Venus of Rags

La Venus of the Rags, created by the master Michelangelo Pistoletto, was a significant installation for Naples. Offer to Mayor Manfredi for 160.000 €, with the addition of almost 50.000 euros for private security, has captured the attention of citizens and tourists.

Symbol of rebirth e transformation, has generated a lively debate on the management of public spaces and contemporary art. The importance di this project demonstrated how a city can transform itself through art, attracting visitors and stimulating reflection on society and culture.

The new installation by Marinella Senatore

The next art installation at the Rotonda Diaz is signed by Marinella Senator, an artist originally from Cava dei Tirreni.

The work it should be a luminous choreography composed by two main elementsi: a choir and ballerina, promises to illuminate Neapolitan summer evenings, transforming the seafront into a lively meeting and entertainment space.

Catello Maresca, magistrate of the Bicameral Commission for Regional Affairs, commented Ironically that this installation could invoke a funfair atmosphere. The cost expected for installation is 200.000 €, and will be visible for a limited period. The goal is promote contemporary arta and attract visitors, but there is heated debate about whether to allocate these funds to cultural initiatives.

According to some, it would be more useful invest in services, cleanliness and urban decoration to improve the attractiveness of the city. But public art remains a powerful tool for stimulating tourism and civic participation.

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