Naples Film Festival 2015: meetings, projections and competitions in various locations in the city

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The Naples Film Festival 2015 will have a rich program of events, meetings, competitions and previews in various locations!

Il Naples Film Festival 2015 is one of the many film festivals included in the initiative Cinema Marathon in Naples and the main protagonists will be Italian directors Mario Martone e Francesco Munzi and the Israeli teacher Amos Gitai and will take place 28 from September to October 4 2015.

The 17 number, at the center of this edition, will be exorcised through the contest "Cinema against jella" to which it will be possible to participate until September 25 proposing clips from films focused on bad luck.
Many will be the spaces adibiti ad ospita review, among them: the Metropolitan Cinema, the PAN | Palace of the Arts of Napoli, the Institut Français and the Institued Cervantes.

Among the noteworthy events, at the Metropolitan Marco Rici, Andrea Purgatori and Libero De Rienzo will remember the memory of the journalist Giancarlo Siani, at 30 years since his assassination with the screening of the film Fortapasc.
The Festival will be an opportunity to admire the last work by Mario Martone "Cilento Pastoral, Rabin the last days" by Amos Gitai and the film "In Naples it never rains" with the directorial debut of Sergio Assisi.
A space will also be given to emerging authors such as Eleonora Danco, Susanna Nicchiarelli and Ottavia Madeddu.

Among the topics of interest there will be selections of Cuban music films from the 1960s to the present day, a homage to Eduardo De Filippo, the screening of six films focused on the story of the Europe of today and 70 works aimed at disseminating the knowledge of the artistic creativity of our region. To this will be added the celebration of the centenary of Mario Monicelli through the exhibition of the FOTOgrammi competition, which can be viewed at the Metropolitan Cinema.
In addition, appointments will not be missed Ciak on the waterfront, Cinegustology and Cunegourmeet-taste meetings.

The meetings

September 28th

Metropolitan Cinema
h 10.00 Eleonora Danco
h 21.00 Mario Martone

Institut français Naples
h 19.30 Francesco Saponaro

September 29th

Metropolitan Cinema
21.00 Sergio Assisi

September 30th

Metropolitan Cinema
10.00 Ottavia Madeddu
21.00 Marco Risi, Libero De Rienzo and Andrea Purgatori

1 October

Metropolitan Cinema
10.00 Francesco Albanese

2 October

Metropolitan Cinema
10.00 Susanna Nicchiarelli
20.30 Amos Gitai

3 October

Metropolitan Cinema
10.00 - 21.00 Francesco Munzi

Naples Film Festival 2015 Program

Below we propose a selection of some of the most representative events of the Festival, but you can consult the complete program at the end of the article.

Metropolitan Cinema

  • 28 September 17.00 hours AltoFest - Film in Residency 2015 "From dust to dust: each night brings
    the stars "by F. Chen (to follow other 6 projections)
  • 29 September 21.10 hours Preview of "In Naples it never rains" of Sergio Assisi
  • 30 September 21.00 hours "Remembering Giancarlo Siani" meeting with Marco Risi, Libero De Rienzo e
    Andrea Purgatori, screening of the film "Fortapasc" by M Risi (under Ita)

Institut Francais Naples 

  • 28 September 17.00 Europe / Mediterranean "La vie nous appertiens" by AK Lee (under ita)
  • 1 October 19.00 pm Fourth Estate by O. Welles (below ita)
  • 5 October 17.00 XVII Napoli Film Festival winners of Screen Napoli Scuola, Schermo
    Naples Doc, Napoli Corti and Europa / Mediterraneo screen

Cervantes Institute Naples

  • 30 September 18: 00 "Buscando a Chano Pozo" by R. Chavez (engineer)
  • 1 October 18.00 "20 Anos" by BJ Ortiz and "Son para un sonero" by L. de Los Santos
  • 2 October 18.00 pm "Me dicen Cuba" by P. Massip Ginestra (subt. eng.) and "Eso que anda" by I. Padron

PAN | Palazzo Arti Naples

  • 28 September 17: 00 ScreenNaples Doc Section 1, "Brides, Aliens and Saints" by I. Ammaturo, "I'm
    festival "by A. Perisano and M. Vezza (under ita)," Cella zero "by S. Esposito (under ita) and
    "Full Time" by L. Cioffi
  • 2 October 17:00 pm Screens Naples Doc Section 5, "Titta" by L. Dicursi, "Costa D'Angolo" by EF
    Inno and "Neapolitans in Barcelona" by M. Rossano
  • 3 October 17.00 pm Screen Naples Doc Section 6, "Stay" by G. Sorrentino, "Fondaco" by L.
    Palumbo and G. De Stefano (under ita) and "La parte che resta" by C. Regina

For the complete calendar of initiatives, see the program of the Naples Film Festival.

Information on the Naples Film Festival

When: 28 from September to October 4 2015

Where: Metropolitan Cinema, Via Chiaia 149 | Institut français Naples, Via Francesco Crispi, 86 | Instituto Cervantes Naples, Via Nazario Sauro 23; PAN | Palazzo Arti Naples, Via dei Mille, 60 | Piazza Amedeo (Ciak on the waterfront); Via Alabardieri 8 / 11 (Gourmeet)

Ticket price:

  • Metropolitan Cinema preview € 7, single whole place € 5, single seat reduced € 4
  • Institut français Naples admission free
  • Instituto Cervantes Naples free admission
  • PAN | Palazzo Arti Napoli free admission
  • Boardwalk € 8, free for under 18
  • Gourmeet - Cinegustology unique place € 35

Contacts: 08119204770 | 3351313281 | | official website of the Naples Film Festival | Facebook page .

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