Naples Film Festival at the French Institute: preview of the Palme d'Or Titane

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From 22 to 26 September 2021 at the Francais Institute in Naples the twenty-second edition of the Naples Film Festival, the now traditional event dedicated to cinema.

The artistic direction of the new edition will be entrusted to Mario violins in collaboration with Giuseppe Borrone and will see the participation of many artists. Among them will be the French director Brizé with the projection of Another World competing at the Venice Film Festival, then again the Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski.

Also scheduled is the screening of the preview of Titanium, or the Palme d'Or of Cannes 2021, a film that will be released in Italian cinemas on October 1, 2021. And then again for the section ScreenNaples Short twenty works by young people from Campania, the best will win the Vesuvius Award.


Here is the appointment schedule:

22 Settembre

At 16: 30 Napoli Screen - Short Competition

  • Antonio by Emiliano De Martino, Italy 2021
  • The invitation by Fratelli Borruto, Italy 2020
  • Visionary by Marco Benincasa, Italy 2020
  • Pure Love by Lorenzo Cammisa, Italy 2021
  • Fame by Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo, Italy 2020

18:30 pm Event Show INSIDE MOEBIUS.

20 hours: 30 Close encounters. Stéphane Brizé presents An autre Monde, France 2021.

23 Settembre

At 16: 30 Napoli Screen - Short Competition

  • 7 Days by Mario Cesaro, Italy 2019
  • A pair By Davide Petrosino, Italy 2020
  • Homeless by Luca Esposito, Italy 2021
  • locked out by Marco Chiappetta, Italy 2020
  • Everything was fine by Paolo Fulvio Mazzacane, Italy 2020

At 18:15 pm preview event Mother, by Rodrigo Sorogoyen.

At 20:30 screening of Titanium, Palme d'Or in Cannes 2021, at the French Institute in the Dumas Room.

24 Settembre

At 16: 30 Napoli Screen - Short Competition

  • Fishman by Nicola Spatarella, Raffaele Rossi, Italy 2021
  • The seed of hope by Nando Morra, Italy 2021
  • baby bird by Antonio Passaro, Italy 2020
  • Goodwill by Gianfranco Antacido, Italy 2021
  • Emma by Andrea Bocchetti, Italy 2021

18:30 preview event Living Earth, Italy 2020 of in the Sciarrone with Luigi Libra.

At 20:30 pm preview event A bout de Soufle, until the last breath, France 1960.

25 Settembre

At 10: 00 Josep, France, Spain 2020, Italian version of Aurel, screening for schools. At 11:30 Close encounters Jerzy Skolimowski (Free Admission) "My idea of ​​cinema". 14 pm Tribute to Jerzy Skolimowski The Virgin.

16 hours: 30 Napoli Screen - Short Competition

  • The usual lunch by Andrea Valentino, Italy 2021
  • Beyond the giants by Marco Renda, Italy 2020
  • The hour of the clouds by Mario Sposito, Italy 2020
  • It is not just a game by Guglielmo Lipari, Italy 2020
  • Laura's voice by Giuseppe Bucci, Italy 2020

18 hours: 30 Tribute to Jerzy Skolimowski with 11 minutes.

21:00 event Pitch, Los anos del tiburon, Argentina, France 2019.

26 Settembre

16 hours: 30 homage to Jerzy Skolimowski with Essential Killing, Poland, Novergia 2010. 18:15 pm awarding of the winners of the ScreenNapoli competition. 18:30 pm preview of the film Under the stars of Paris by Claus Drexel, France 2020. 20:30 preview event for Naples Sabina Guzzanti presents Spin time, what a struggle for democracy.

Mandatory Green Pass

In order to participate in the events of the Naples Film Festival it will be necessary to exhibit the Green pass and a valid identification document. Admission is allowed subject to availability of seats according to the anti-Covid 19 regulations.

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From 22 to 26 September 2021


Istitut Francais, Via Crispi 86 - 80121, Naples

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Starting at 10: 00


  • Screen Naples 5 euro short competition
  • Projections, events, previews, meetings 7 euros


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