Napoli Film Festival at the Institut Francais with films and many guests

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From September 26th to October 1st 2022 a new edition will take place, this is the twenty-third, of Naples Film Festival, the film festival that, like every year, takes place at the Institut Francais in Naples.

In particular, for this year, 28 titles will be selected in the ScreenNapoli Corti competition, which will be directed by Mario violins and that it will foresee screenings and many meetings. 1205 short films have asked to participate in the festival, of these have been chosen 169, which were then evaluated by the committee composed of Giuseppe Borrone and Ignazio Senatore. These have decided which works to submit to the jury composed of:

  • Guido Lombardi, director
  • Antonio Fiore, journalist
  • Ilaria Urbani journalist

This jury will be tasked with assigning the scope Vesuvius Award to the director of the best work, as well as assigning special mentions to the works, authors and protagonists who have particularly distinguished themselves.

Among great personalities involved in the films will be:

  • Renato Carpentieri
  • Theresa Saponangelo
  • Lello Arena
  • Denise Capezza
  • Philip Scottii
  • Conrad Taranto

The Short Film Titles

Here are some of the titles of the Short Films that will participate in the Napoli Film Festival:

  • Amarena by Alberto Palmiero
  • Weightlessness by Marco Sardella
  • BeyondDreams by Fabio Ruffo and Daniele Violante
  • Saddlebag by Vito Nicoletta
  • Dragées by Maddalena Stornaiuolo
  • Dante Alighieri by Antonio Riccardo Santorelli
  • Waiting by Adriano Vessichelli
  • Intended for spouses Lo Giglio by Nicola Prosatore
  • Fishman by Nicolas and Raffaele Spatarella

The screenings will start from 16:30, but for all other information you can consult the Official site and complete program.

Information on the Naples Film Festival


From 26 September to 1 October 2022


Institut Francais, Via Francesco Crispi, 86, 80121 Naples NA

Working hours:

From 16 pm, consult the complete program


  • whole 7 euro
  • Reduced 5 €
  • Napoli Corti screen competition single place 5 euro


Official website

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