Napoli - Inter 3-1: matchday 36 report cards. Di Lorenzo phenomenal

Sunday, 21/05/2023
Vincenzo Napolitano
Di Lorenzo, SSC Napoli, rejoices

Napoli emerges triumphant from the match against Inter. In fact, the Neapolitans beat the Milanese 3-1, demonstrating great teamwork and cornering Inzaghi's boys, who will now have to fight to qualify for the next Champions League.

Below are the report cards of the Napoli players who took to the field.

Scoreboard team Napoli – Inter 3-1

Meret: 6 - Inactive for most of the game and has no responsibility for Lukaku's goal. Vote assigned by regulation.

By Lorenzo: 8,5 - Excellent in defensive interpretation, especially on Gosens' marking. He doesn't fail to show his usual attacking proficiency and scores a decisive goal in the 86th minute. A performance worthy of his superb season.

Rrahmani: 6,5 - Excellent management by Lukaku both in the first and second half, as well as surprising with an unexpected offensive contribution.

Minjae: 8 - Perfect in every aspect of the game. He imposes his physical presence on Lukaku and also asserts himself in attack. (Juan Jesus: 5,5 - Struggles to adapt to the pace of the game, showing indecision on Lukaku's goal)

Oliver: 6,5 - Solid work on both sides of the pitch, proving particularly useful when moving centrally to make room for the opposite wing.

Anguissa: 7,5 - Author of the two most significant chances of the first half. Despite some errors in the support phase, his pressing intensity and shooting power demonstrate his importance in the match.

Lobotka: 6,5 - Total control of the pace of the game, demonstrating great intuition in understanding the intentions of teammates.

Zielinski: 7 - Pure talent with the ball, able to offer dribbling, change of pace and great game vision. Although he lacks accuracy in shooting, his elegance and effectiveness are a real show. (Cajetan: 7 - Enters the match well, demonstrating remarkable physical and athletic development, and scores the goal to make it 3-1)

Elmas: 6,5 - Appointed owner by Spalletti instead of politan, does a good job both in attack and defense. (Breakers: 6,5 - Enter the match with enthusiasm and create a chance to score)

osimhen: 6 - Not particularly effective during the first half and shows signs of frustration towards the end of the game. (Simeon: 6,5 - He manages to create some opportunities, demonstrating his will to be useful to the team. However, he sins on the missed goal in the final.)

Kvaratskhelia: 7,5 - Brilliant throughout the match, showing great commitment and talent, despite failing to finish with a goal. (politan: 6 - Offers some momentum and a good shot blocked by Onana)

Spalletti: 7,5 - His formation proves successful despite the pressures related to the future of the team. He makes the most of his players' abilities, rediscovering the tactical balance and offensive effectiveness that have distinguished Napoli during the season. Despite Lukaku's draw in the final, his team dominates Inter, Champions League finalists, as if it were a friendly match. His decision to replace osimhen proves that performance on the pitch is more important than personal bests.

Image source: SSC Naples Facebook profile
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