Naples, the Mondadori bookshop opens in Galleria Umberto on 17 May

The new one opened on Friday 17 May Mondadori bookshop in Galleria Umberto I in Naples. The largest store in the city, with an area of ​​1.000 square meters. The opening of this space is important news for fans of reading e culture, the Neapolitan market has been very profitable in this sector for some time.


The bookshop has been closed by the police until further notice, we will update you as soon as it reopens.

When the new Mondadori bookshop opens in Galleria Umberto Ia Naples

On May 17, the Mondadori bookshop in Galleria Umberto I a Napoli it officially opened and was then closed again. The reopening date is not yet known.

The wait has been long, but book lovers will soon be able to access this new space. The opening will happen without an inaugural party, but the library will be fully operational.

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What to expect from the Mondadori bookshop

the new Mondadori Bookstore it extends over 1.000 square meters and houses 148.000 volumes, from great classics to bestsellers of various genres. There is a special section for children, 'We are Junior', with books, educational games and illustrated fairy tales. Another area, 'Just Comics', is dedicated to manga and comics, designed to attract the Generation Z. The library also offers a large selection of CDs, vinyls and DVDs, thus satisfying music and cinema enthusiasts.

Furthermore, the shop has a book buffet, a space for co-working and reading, a tasting area and an exclusive space for events. There are two touch screen totems to encourage social interaction and various technological innovations such as self-service checkouts and service click & collect and the Findbook, a system that helps locate books in stores.

There is also a photo gallery dedicated to young emerging talents that will allow them to exhibit their works, as in the exhibition “Neapolitan metamorphosis” with works by Vittorio Cioffi, Michele De Cesare, Gerardo Massaro, Fabio Monk and Davide Orfeo.

The bookstore opens near Starbucks which opens May 23

The new Mondadori bookshop in Galleria Umberto I it will be accompanied by another important opening. The first one opens on May 23rd Starbucks of Naples, located right next to the bookshop. The new café will offer a new meeting point for lovers of coffee (perhaps less Neapolitan) and reading, a further step towards the relaunch of the Galleria Umberto I.

  • Where: Umberto gallery
  • When: Friday May 17 2024
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