Naples, for Women's Day, free initiatives and courses in the Colli hospitals

On the occasion of International Women's Day,Colli Hospital Company launches a series of initiatives focused on women's health. This year, the emphasis is on prevention, with a program that includes meetings, workshops and consultations, aimed at promoting greater awareness of women's well-being.

March 8th of women's health

2023 sees theColli Hospital Company engaged in a celebration of8 March which places women's health at the center. This day becomes an opportunity to reflect on the importance of prevention and information, essential for a healthier and more conscious life. The proposed activities are aimed at women of all ages, with the aim of shedding light on often overlooked aspects of female well-being.

All initiatives

International Women's Day: The Initiatives of the Colli Hospital

  • Raising awareness of the harms of smoking:
    • Data: March 7
    • Location: Monaldi Hospital, Cardiological Research Center
    • Explanation: The initiative involves a meeting with women smokers or former smokers aged between 55 and 75 to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking. This event anticipates the start of a new phase of the RISP study, aimed at the early diagnosis of lung cancer.
  • Guided artistic creation and workshops:
    • Data: March 8
    • Location: Central staircase of the Monaldi Hospital
    • Explanation: The patients, guided by the artist Maurizio Mauro Palumbo, will create a work on a large canvas, then exhibited at the Oncology Day Service. At the same time, art therapy, martial arts and beauty workshops will be held, designed for women undergoing chemotherapy treatment.
  • Blood collection day "Whoever says woman says gift":
    • Data: March 8
    • Location: Transfusion Center of the Monaldi Hospital
    • Explanation: A day dedicated to blood donation, to emphasize the value of the gift as an expression of generosity and care towards the community.
  • Counseling on sexually transmitted infections and vaccinations:
    • Data: March 8
    • Location: Cotugno Hospital, Group C
    • Explanation: Healthcare staff will provide advice on sexually transmitted infections and recommended vaccinations, emphasizing the importance of prevention in these areas.
  • Raising awareness against gender violence through reading:
    • Data: March 8
    • Location: Emergency Department of the CTO Hospital
    • Explanation: Installation of a pink bookcase in the waiting room, containing novels and texts to help women recognize signs of violence and encourage them to seek help.
  • SIMEU national study on the evaluation of chest pain in women:
    • Data: March 8
    • Location: Emergency Department of the CTO Hospital
    • Explanation: Emergency room staff are participating in a national study to optimize the assessment of chest pain in women, often an underestimated symptom of a heart attack.

The initiatives reflect the commitment ofColli Hospital Company in promoting women's health, offering opportunities for awareness, prevention and support through targeted activities and specialist consultancy.

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