Naples: revoked strike of 8 February, postponed to 22 March

Strike of 24 local transport hours, initially scheduled for the 8 next February, has been revoked. They decided all of them sindacati category, by mutual agreement, proclaiming a new one for the 22 March. Also for this strike there will be warranty bands, but an event will not be organized.

Recall that the news of this national strike has, in Naples, a particular relief because of the numerous problems that have been afflicting the world of city transport for several months now. A few days ago, you will remember, the news of the announced block of circulation of the Anm vehicles for a few hours due to the lack of diesel, preceded by a sudden reduction in bus circulation in the Chiaia, Vomero and Flegrea areas for the same reasons.

The causes behind these difficulties, so serious for our city, refer to a set of due debts and receivables from the Neapolitan transport company, but also to the issue of salaries that arrive and do not arrive.

revoked 8 February strike

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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