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Naples, local public transport strike 5 March 2014

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New local public transport strike on 5 March 2014. It will also hit Naples with different schedules and methods for each company.

Two weeks after the last one strike public transport, a further stop will be announced local public transport which will also hit the city of Naples.

The strike will be held on Wednesday March 5 and was announced by the OR.SA Transport. This is a strike of 24 hours whose methods vary from city to city and depending on the companies involved.

Below are the timetables followed by the means of transport of Naples.


The service will not be guaranteed from the start of service until 6.17, from 8.03 to 13.17 and from 17.33 until the service is completed. There will be trains that depart from the terminus from 6.18 to 8.02 and from 13.18 to 17.32.

Naples-Cancello-Benevento line

Guaranteed service in the 6.00-9.00 and 18.00-21.00 time slots only.

Naples-Caserta-Piedimonte Matese line

Guaranteed service in the 5.30-8.30 and 17.00-20.00 time slots only.

Piscinola-Aversa Center line

Guaranteed service in the 6.00-8.30 and 16.30-20.00 time slots only.

Cumana and Circumflegrea

Guaranteed service in the 5.00-8.00 and 14.30-17.30 time slots only.
The last departures in the morning, before the start of the strike will be the following:

  • Montesanto - Torregvata: 7.41 hours
  • Torregaveta - Montesanto: 8.00 hours
  • Montesanto - Licola: 7.43 hours
  • Licola - Montesanto: 7.43 hours

The first departures guaranteed for the resumption of the service will be:

  • Fuorigrotta - Montesanto: 14.30 hours
  • Montesanto - Torregaveta: 14.41 hours
  • Torregaveta - Montesanto: 14.40 hours
  • Montesanto - Licola: 14.43 hours
  • Fourth - Montesanto: 14.32 hours
  • Licola - Montesanto: 14.43 hours

The last guaranteed departures of the afternoon will be:

  • Montesanto - Torregaveta: 17.21 hours
  • Torregaveta - Montesanto 17.20 hours
  • Montesanto - Licola: 17.23 hours
  • Licola - Montesanto: 17.23 hours

The article will be updated when the other companies make known their schedules and their methods of strike.

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