A new Tandem Ragù opens in Naples, takeaway street food with meat sauce dishes

Tandem ragù to take away Naples

Sandwiches, first and second courses with meat sauce, all to take away, in the new Tandem restaurant in Naples!

The young Neapolitan Manuela Mirabile, after graduating in Oriental languages ​​and cultures, she embarked on a career as a restaurateur, opening a series of restaurants, Tandem, in the historic center of Naples, whose main dish is the tasty ragout, the tasty tomato sauce, prepared respecting all the secrets of the ancient Neapolitan recipe.

A new project, however, was developed by the good restaurateur, the Tandem takeaway ragout, a kind of street food identity of our culinary tradition made with zero-kilometer products, where customers can buy sandwiches with meat sauce, with meatballs, chops, parmigiana and pasta dishes with meat sauce that if they were cooked at home, would require long hours of cooking.

The meat sauce, which derives from the word ragôut (ragoûter it is a French verb that can be translated with "giving more taste to something"), in fact, must cook slowly in a copper pot and with the addition of beef and pork, for at least six hours, during which vto stirred with the cucchiarella (the wooden spoon) until 'pippea ', that is, it simmers. And this is exactly how Manuela prepares it, reminding all customers, tourists and Neapolitans, the one prepared by our grandmothers.

The great Eduardo De Filippo wrote a poem dedicated to the sauce, entitled 'O rrau, in which he asserted that the sauce he liked most was that which his mother was preparing: "'O rraù ca I like it to me' 'or ffaceva sulo mamma".

Tandem ragout takeaway in Naples

Tandem Information Ragout takeaway 

Where: E. De Marinis 1 (angle via Mezzocannone)
Contacts:08119180196 | Tandem site

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Written by Valeria Muollo
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