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MeravigliArti Cappella Sansevero in Naples: complete program

All the Neapolitans certainly know the SanSevero Chapel, known above all for the presence, inside, of the beautiful "Veiled Christ". The Chapel, or even Church of Santa Maria della Pietà, contains however also other works of inestimable value, such as the fascinating "anatomical machines or" The Disaffection ".

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There are many legends that gravitate around the works of art of the Chapel, linked above all to the Prince of Sansevero and certainly they are able to make the place even more fascinating. Indeed, it is probably the feeling of wonder what is most easily experienced when entering the Church and, precisely for this reason, a cultural review with the name "will start in a few days"marvel"

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It will be held every Tuesday, starting in May 7, and will take us through a cultural excursus made of readings, theatrical performances, music to discover the various aspects of Meraviglia interpreted by different authors. It is organized with the support of the Banco di Napoli and in collaboration with the cultural association "Il Ballatoio".
Let's see what we will offer every single appointment.

7 May

Tuesday 7 May will perform, in the presbytery of the Chapel, the Florentine actor Sergio Bini, aka Bustric "with the show" Napoleone magico Imperatore "
Schedule: 21.00
Price: 15€

14 May

Antonella Cilento and Giuseppe Montesano, together with the actor Andrea Renzi who will hold the readings, will interpret a verse by Giovan Battista Marino: "It is the poet of the wonder". It will be the introduction to a literary journey that will go from Francisco de Quevedo to Anna Maria Ortese.
Schedule: 19.00
Price: 7€

21 May

Tuesday 21 May will be the turn of the music. To perform will be a very special Neapolitan group that mixes jazz and rock, with many references to ethnic music.
Schedule: 21.00
Price: 15€

28 May

The Roman theater company Ondadurto will entertain with the show "C'era una volta", a review of all the best known tales.
Now me: 21.00
Price: 15€

4 June

For the last event of the festival there will be the Neapolitan artist Roxy in the Box who will exhibit one of her works, entitled "A Mother Bride", next to the Veiled Christ.
Schedule: 19.00
Price: free entry

All tickets can be purchased at the ticket office of the Museo Cappella di Sansevero (google map) and at the Concerteria in Via Schipa.
More info on the program and reservations at the site of the MeravigliArti review.

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