Naples, visits and checks at a reduced price for the Danne Festival in Pineta Grande

The hospital “Pineta Grande” has organized for the8 March a day dedicated to women's health with services a 30 €. On this dedicated day, women of all ages can access specialist visits such as breast examination with ultrasound , nutritional consultancy, as well as fundamental tests such asgynecological ultrasound with pap smear. Places are limited.

Pineta Grande's health services at reduced prices

Pineta Grande Hospital lancia an offer special for8 March: a day of screening methods dedicated to women at a subsidized cost. Here are the details of the services offered:

  • Breast examination with ultrasound: Essential for monitoring breast health, this visit includes a thorough ultrasound exploration, offering a detailed and timely assessment.
  • Nutritional consultancy with detection of anthropometric parameters: A tailor-made service for those who want a professional nutritional assessment, complete with the measurement of essential body parameters.
  • Gynecological ultrasound with Pap test: Fundamental for prevention in the field of female health, this exam combines a gynecological ultrasound with a Pap test, for a double check of well-being.
  • Visit with Thyroid Ultrasound: Aimed at evaluating the health of the thyroid through a specific ultrasound, this test is crucial for promptly identifying any dysfunctions.
  • Venous color Doppler of the lower limbs: An important test to evaluate the venous circulation of the lower limbs, identifying any anomalies early.

Each service is designed to specifically respond to the needs of women, with a pricing policy that makes prevention accessible to a wide audience.

How to book

I places for these screenings are limited, underlining the importance of booking in advance through the site, reservations section.

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