Christmas in Naples: closed streets and squares, one-way streets and active ZTLs

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With an ordinance of the Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi the viability in the city has suffered considerable variations, with many closures and the strengthening of control measures, especially in the nightlife and city center areas.

Roads closed

With the statement of the City Council of 21 December 2022 it was decided the closure of Via Angelini, the road that leads to the belvedere of San Martino, from 18:30 to 23:00 on 23 December 2022 to allow the execution of the event "Christmas on San Martino".

In case of overcrowding, the municipal police will be able to proceed at the vehicular closure of via Toledo and also of via Scarlatti and via Luca Giordano, two neuralgic veins of the Vomero district, for the entire duration of the Christmas holidays.

Roads closed in case of overcrowding:

  • via Toledo
  • via Scarlatti
  • via Luca Giordano
  • via Alabardieri,
  • Via Carlo Poerio,
  • vico Satriano,
  • alley Belledonne in Chiaia,
  • Belledonne alley,
  • via Cavallerizza,
  • via Bisignano,
  • via Ferrigni,
  • Via Fiorelli,
  • alley of sighs,
  • vico II Halberdiers
  • via Mezzocannone
  • via Aniello Falcone

ZTL active

All ZTL currently in force will remain regularly active, with the exception of Dante, already closed for a few weeks, as per the provision of the Municipality of Naples.

Squares closed

Like the roads, in case of overcrowding the forces of the municipal police will be able to proceed with the closed to vehicular traffic also of some important squares through barriers.

The squares closed in case of overcrowding are the following:

  • Piazza del Gesù
  • Piazza Bellini
  • Plebiscito Square
  • Piazza Vanvitelli
  • Bellini Square,
  • San Domenico Maggiore square,
  • Via Mezzocannone,
  • Piazza San Giovanni Maggiore in Pignatelli,
  • Piazzetta Rodinò

Reinforced checks in the historic center and in the nightlife streets

It will be carried out, for the entire duration of the holidays, a strengthening of controls by the police forces, in particular focusing on the areas at risk and on the commercial activities of the historic center and the nightlife, which are more active these days.

The zones with the most law enforcement activity will be as follows:

  • Frullone
  • San Rocco
  • Spanish Neighborhoods
  • Via Emilio Scaglione
  • Chiaia
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