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Neapolis Festival 2013 Arenile: concert program previews

Like every year, the wait on dates and protagonists of the Neapolis Festival it is always at the highest levels. This year, after the inconveniences, but in any case interesting, last year's appointments at Giffoni, the musical event returns to live in Naples.

For its seventeenth edition, the Neapolis Festival will hold its concerts atArenile Reload di Bagnoli, at the same time as the Giffoni Experience, an historic film festival in the province of Salerno. Indeed, the Giffoni Festive Filml will be held from 19 to 28 July and both events, together with each other, share together for Città della Scienza.

first concerts neapolis festival 2013

The program of concerts is not yet complete, but we can already provide you with the first details on the artists who will surely come across the stage of Arenile. As already anticipated, the American singer Patti Smith, important poet of the international music scene, will perform for the Neapolitan public the day June 12 2013. His concert will be a preview of the actual event to be held in July.

First concerts Neapolis Festival 2013

Tricky + Fainting by Numbers live show
(Alexis Taylor from Hot Chip & Justus Köhncke from Whirlpool Productions) + others to be defined

When: July 25 2013
Now: 19.00
Ticket price: 22 € + 3 € dp

Kings of Convenience + others to be defined

When: July 26 2013
Now: 19.00 hours
Ticket price: 22 € + 3 € dp

25-26 subscription July: 40 € including dp

All concerts will be held at Arenile Reload: Via Coroglio, 10 - 80124 Naples (google maps)

Ticket purchase and pre-sales are available through Go2 e Boxol

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