Negramaro in concert at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples with Stadi 2024


Saturday June 15 2024 at 21 pm Diego Armando Maradona Stadium of Naples will host the highly anticipated concert of Negramaro. The Apulian band with the frontman Giuliano Sangiorgi, will return to perform live in stadiums after well six years of absence.

It will be an unmissable and special event, because in addition to being the first stage of the Tour, the one in Naples will also be the first time at the Maradona Stadium for the band, which as they announced "corresponds to the biggest dream of our lives."

Furthermore, on this special evening, the band decided to support the project to combat educational poverty and scholastic hardship among the children of Naples promoted by Pino Daniele Foundation Ets.

To participate you will need to purchase tickets on TicketOne official website.

The Band's biography

The Italian pop rock band, i Negramaro, was born in 2000 in Copertino, Puglia. The name chosen was inspired by Negroamaro, a vine belonging to their land of origin.

The group is made up of Giuliano Sangiorgi vocals and piano, Emanuele Spedicato on guitar, Ermanno Carlà on bass, Danilo Tasco drums, Andrea Mariano keyboard and piano and Andrea De Rocco sampler.

Three years after its birth, the group released its first album in 2003 with which it achieved great success. From this moment the band releases many songs such as "Summer", "Tell me about love", "You are my city", “Be careful” and others.

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