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Novecento by Alessandro Baricco on stage at the Sannazaro Theater in Naples

Baricco's Novecento show on stage at the Sannazaro Theater in Naples

The exciting monologue "Novecento" by Baricco staged at the Teatro Sannazaro in Naples: a "cult" show directed by Gabriele Vacis.

From the 29 31 2019 March will stop at Sannazaro Theater of Naples lo spettacolo Nine hundred, inspired by the famous monologue written by Alessandro Baricco in the 1994.

Not everyone knows that this beloved theatrical text, which also became a film in the 1998 with the title The Legend of the Pianist on the Ocean directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, it was written by Baricco to be interpreted by Eugenio Allegri and directed by Gabriele Vacis that, even in the 1994, made it a show that debuted at the Asti Festival.

Since then, after many 500 replicas and more than 200 thousand viewers, the monologue Nine hundred it became a "cult" of the Italian scene, so much so that it was again brought on tour by Gabriele Vacis and Eugenio Allegri in the theaters of Italy, making the 2018 / 2019 the "25 years season" for this exciting monologue.

The extraordinary story of Danny Boodman's TD Lemon Novecento

Nine hundred, which Baricco himself called a middle ground between "A true staging and a story to be read aloud", he says the extraordinary story of Danny Boodman TD Lemon Novecento which, between the two wars, was abandoned on board the Virginian ship, where it was found by a sailor on a piano.

From that moment the little twentieth century spends its life on the transatlantic that travels continuously between Europe and America, never finding the courage to go down to the mainland, becoming one with his piano and living suspended above the sea. He will dedicate his existence completely to the music and stories of the ship's passengers, trying to transform the soul of the world into jazz music and to exorcise his fear of loving and possessing real roots.

Information on the show Nine hundred

When: from the 29 31 March 2019

Price tickets:

  • 18 € + 2 € pre-sales stages
  • 22 € + 3 € pre-sale stage

Where: Sannazaro Theater, via Chiaia 157, Naples

More information: Official website

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