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No Gomorra 2: the fiction comes Scampia's gold with Beppe Fiorello

Naples is invaded by posters against XMUMX Gomorrah and Roberto Saviano. Scampia does not need such a fiction, which is precisely why the script was recently changed to insert some positive heroes.

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The controversy does not seem to want to stop, but for the Neapolitan neighborhood comes a real one breath of freshness"The gold of Scampia". It's about a new fiction, but this time Gomorrah has nothing to do with it. The drama will tell the story of Giovanni Maddaloni, the owner of the Star Judo Club, and his son Pino who managed to win the Olympic gold medal in the sport taught by his father.

Scampia's gold is the story of Pino Maddaloni

Lo Star Judo Club di Scampia is not only a gym where children gather to channel and express their strength in the right way, but also a meeting place where those who have lost their way can find the right path. Anyone who wants, is accepted by Giovanni Maddaloni, a man who teaches every day for free this sport to the young guys who go to his facility.

For many years the gym has risked to close due to lack of funds, but today it has become a structure open to all young people and also dedicated to minors in the Nisida prison and to the disabled.

The fiction "L'oro di Scampia" takes inspiration from book "My sporting life" written by Giovanni Maddaloni. The head of the family will be played by the great Beppe Fiorello who has had the opportunity to meet the character he will have to impersonate.

Here is what was said by Maddaloni:

“The intention is to tell the story of a social redemption sought and found in sport: we also have an open conversation with the Don Peppino Diana association, we are active on many fronts but we continue to live through ups and downs. In 2010, after some deadlines not met, Eni turned off the light and we were forced to train with lit candles. An American woman helped us and, having learned of our misadventures, decided to pay the full amount. Since that day we have received only one bill, valid for the last year and a half. We do not have this money, there are 36 euros in cash. I launch a provocation: Eni sponsors us and does something concretely for Scampia ”.

Curiously, the idea for this fiction was born from Angelo Pisani (President of the Municipality), the one who a few days ago said no to 2 Gomorrah! The shooting of "L'oro di Scampia" will begin in the spring and the drama will be broadcast in the autumn.

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