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Nomad killed: investigated 6 policemen for voluntary homicide

Investigations continue for themurder and a few days ago it rocked the Roma community Giugliano and not only. The novelty regards the indictments and the guilty: the Naples Public Prosecutor has registered 9 people in the register of suspects. These are 6 policemen and 3 accomplices of Andrea Hadzovic, the victim.

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The 6 agents were those present at the blocking point at which the Roma had not stopped: according to pm Giuseppe Cimmarotta, they would be guilty of voluntary homicide. Probably, however, the crime could be robbed, for the policemen, in excess of negligence in the legitimate use of arms.

The primary objective of the investigators is to find out who actually fired the bullets that killed the young nomad. For this reason they were invited by the warranty notices, also to the three boys who were in the car with Andrea, and the autopsy exams were arranged. The notices were sent together with the autopsy to allow the suspects to choose experts who participate in the exams.

Tomorrow, however, there will be a validation hearing of the three surviving nomads, accused of having robbed a tobacconist in Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Reason for which they tried to escape the blocking position of a few mornings ago.

Photo source: Il Mattino

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