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Art night in Naples in the historic center with concert in Piazza del Gesù

Piazza del Gesù in Naples

The Art Night returns to Naples with a great concert and many guests in Piazza del Gesù!

Friday 3 January 2020 si plays a Naples an interesting appointment of the Art Night, after the December failure,

The evening includes a lot music with a great concert in Piazza del Gesù and many guests including Giovanni Block, Gianfranco Gallo, Andrea Sannino and Enzo Savastano.

Program of the Art Night

The following artists perform:

  • Gianfranco Gallo
  • Andrea Sannino
  • Enzo Savastano
  • Gianni Lamagna
  • Marco Zurzolo
  • Capone & BungtBangt
  • Antonio Maiello
  • Loredana Daniele
  • Fabrizio and Aurelio Fierro jr
  • Luisa Farina
  • Giovanni Block
  • Oriana Lippa
  • Kafka Sui Skates
  • Twenty-nine and Thirty
  • SesèMamà
  • ScalzaBanda
  • Danise
  • Just Sound
  • Roberta Tondelli - Arya
  • VoxInside
  • Maharina
  • Antonio Spenillo
  • Mariano Bellopede
  • Alessia Moio
  • Daniela Fiorentino
  • Antonio Della Ragione
  • Mariano Lieto
  • Lorenzo Girotti

The logo of the event

To best express the theme of the event the artist, Roxy in the Box, decided to represent it with the image of a closed fist holding a rose, in which each of the fingers of the hand is of a different color. The multicolored fist visually represents the saying "the union is strength", where the different ethnic groups come together with a single and common purpose, while the red rose symbolizes passion.

Information on Notte D'arte 2019 in Naples

When: Friday 3 January 2020

Where: Piazza del Gesù

Timetable: from 20.00

Price: free admission

Contacts: Facebook event

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