Olive Oil Festival 2023 in Albanella. The complete program

Olive Oil

Between 1 and 3 December 2023, harrier turns into a lively stage for his famous olive oil festival. This annual festival, which takes place in the historic heart of the country, is an unmissable opportunity for lovers of culture and gastronomy. With a rich man program Ranging from folk music to dance, and a special focus on local flavours, the festival offers a unique experience. The streets of Albanella become the hub of an incredible celebration of tradition and innovation.

The famous olive oil festival

Il Olive Oil Festival of Albanella is an event that celebrates not only the prized local oil, but also the rich cultural heritage of the region. This event is a real tribute to the olive tree, symbol of the land and its people. During the festival, visitors can explore a variety of stands offering olive oil and other local products, thus discovering the traditions and secrets of this ancient crop.

Present activities

During the festival, Albanella comes alive with a series of engaging activities. From traveling musical performances to dance, every corner of the historic center offers entertainment and culture. Visitors can participate in oil tastings, workshops and even watch demonstrations of ancient oil production methods. The atmosphere is enriched by live music, street performances and craft stalls showcasing local art and crafts.

The program of the days

Il program of the festival it is rich and varied:

  • Friday December 1: The start is marked by 'PERCUSSIONAMO in MARCHING DRUMS' at 19 pm in Via Marconi, followed bySylvester Folk Orchestra in Piazza Cavalieri di Vittorio Veneto at 22pm.
  • Saturday 2 December: The evening sees Angelo Loia and Progetto Oiza at 22pm, and at midnight it's time for a DJ set with Manolo Sabetta. During the day, the Wand Wind Street Band will perform on the streets.
  • Sunday December 3: The conclusion of the festival will be marked by Gabrielle Esposito at 22pm and by the energy of Ivano De Simone's DNG and the Musician Guest FDG Albanella. Ettore's Lisciofuego will not be missing, under the artistic direction of Ivano De Simone.

Contacts and information: official Facebook page

  • Where: Albanella, Salerno
  • When: from Friday 01 December 2023 to Sunday 03 December 2023
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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