Homage to the Beatles in the Anglican church of Naples: an evening dedicated to the famous British group

Man using drumsticks to play drums

In Anglican Church of Naples Saturday May 18, 2024 at 18 pm a new NOMEA event will take place, namely Homage to the Beatles, a concert by A smile from Godzilla dedicated to timeless songs by the famous Liverpool group.

NAMEA, the international brand with offices in Naples, Madrid and Tirana, famous for the cultural experiences it organises, will allow guests to experience an unforgettable evening of music and the most famous songs of the Beatles.

The protagonist of the concert

In the wonderful setting of the Anglican Church of Naples, a special and unmissable event will take place with the performance of A Smile From Godzilla in trio, of Daniele Montuori.

The young Neapolitan artist who has always been passionate about music decided to give life to the project "A smile from Godzilla" in a particular period of his life, when he worked in a restaurant in Naples. To date he participates in various tours and national festivals.

How to participate

To participate in the concert you can purchase the ticket from a cost of 15 euros per day dedicated link, or you can buy it at the ticket office which opens at 18:00 pm. The concert will start at 18 pm and will last approximately 30 hour.

The church, venue of the concert, is located a few steps from the Piazza Amedeo stop on Metro Line 2. If you arrive by car, private parking is available a few meters away. For all information you can send a whatsapp message to number 3756139180 or consult the facebook event.

  • Where: Anglican Church, Naples
  • When: Saturday 18 May 2024, from 18:30
  • Prezzi:
    • Ticket: €15
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