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Open Day on Gynecology in Naples with free visits for the 2018 Women's Day

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Free services, visits and consultations at the Open Day on Gynecology in Naples for the 2018 Women's Day.

The day of 2018 Women's Day there will be a Naples the first Open Day dedicated to Gynecology that will offer free services and visits to women.

The services offered will be, among others, clinical-diagnostic and informative to the female population in general and provide consulting and talks, instrumental examinations, conferences, info points and distribution of information materials.

Here is all the information.

How to use the services

The 8 March, in fact, there will be the open doors of over 200 Italian hospitals on this day on Gynecology with a focus on uterine fibroids. You will know the hospitals closer to you directly on the site Pink stamps and find out what are the facilities that will make you use these services for free.

It will be enough to indicate your Region, the Province and the Municipality of interest and you will open the list with all the hospitals to choose from.

It is a very important initiative in the field of prevention because it helps to make women more aware of the need to periodically make medical examinations also in the field of gynecology, both to ascertain their own health and in good condition and to prevent, possibly, diseases that can be dealt with in time.

Information on the Open Day on Gynecology

When: 8 March 2018

Where: hospitals in Campania and throughout Italy

Price: free services and visits

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