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Open South: Festival of Southern Fights at the Fuorigrotta Cinodromo

Open South poster, Festival of Southern fights

Gragnaniello, Bennato, Jovine, Foja and Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare to say stop to precariousness

It will be held atex Cinodromo di Fuorigrotta of avenue Kennedy Open South, Festival of Southern Fights, a kermesse in which meetings, debates, workshops and concerts will alternate to spread the mobilization against precariousness and the lack of social and civil rights.

Great names of Neapolitan music will perform in live concerts in a program full of events that aims to "turn on" the consciences of citizens in the face of problems that lacerate daily life: precariousness, the right to income and to the home. Waiting for the biggest national event to be held in Rome the 12 and the 19 October 2013.

Open South, Festival of Southern Fights, began last night with the opening concert of Victorzeta and the blue flowers, Mc Mariotto, Aldola 'Chivala', Marco ZurzoloCiccio Merolla, Jovine, Foja, Enzo Gragnaniello, but will continue until Saturday 5 October with performances by Francesco Di Bella, Eugenio Bennato, New Company of Popular Singing.

Eugenio Bennato, Open South Festival of Southern Lotte

Program of Open South, Festival of Southern Fights

Thursday October 3

17:00 | Workshop
Metropolitan insurgencies. History and cartography of rebel cities

20.30 hours | Talk
Controstore: Meridian Horizons, the South and the struggles of the Mediterranean: between languages ​​of power and political delegitimization for a history of subordinate movements and struggles

22.00 Hours | Concert
Francesco Di Bella - Ballads
Eugenio Bennato in concert

Ticket price: 5 euro

Friday October 4

17 hours: 00 | Workshop
Inside, against and beyond the metropolis: practices of direct reappropriation and reflections to inhabit the conflict,
edited by Magnammece or pesone

17 hours: 00 | Workshop, 20.30 hours the Talk
Break the austerity. Live labor cooperation, guaranteed income and re-appropriation of services to free ourselves from blackmail

22 hours: 00 | Concert
And Zezi
New Society of Popular Singing

Admission: 5 euro

Saturday October 5


17 Hours: 00 | Workshop
Student fights organized by the Collective Autonomous Students of Naples and the StudAut network

17 hours: 00 | Workshop - 20 hours: 30 | Talk
Environmental struggles and the right to the territory, towards the self-government of the 'municipality'

22 Hours: 00 | Concert
Reggae against austerity
Pmk family

Ticket price: 2 euro

For all the info consult theofficial event on Facebook

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