Tripparia in Naples, the tavern with typical dishes of the Neapolitan tradition opens at Vomero

Osteria Tripparia al Vomero in Naples

In Naples, at Vomero, the Tripparia tavern opens: on the menu the best of the Neapolitan culinary tradition with special reinterpretations!

Il Vomero, hilly district of Napoli, further enriches its catering offer. The novelty is represented by Tripparia, traditional tavern inaugurated last 28 June 2017. Among the members of the restaurant stands out that of Vincenzo Russo, chef of Baccalaria, a successful concept located in the historic center of the city.

As the name suggests, the offer the restaurant naturally provides tripe, but not only. Among the interesting proposals on the menu, in fact, we find the traditional Neapolitan dishes enriched with touches of originality in a gourmet key. Particular attention is given to the origin of raw materials, of the highest quality. The chef is the twenty-four year old Marco Fiore, who trained at the Baccalaria.

Among the delicious dishes that can be tasted from Tripparia there are tripe alla romana, trip and chips, bucatini with Ischia-style rabbit, nerano-style ravioli, rice and peas. Do not miss the cod, prepared in different ways. The selection of wines favors those of Campania origin, and you can also drink cocktails.

Address: Via Fracanzano 9b, Naples

Contacts: Facebook page . | tel. 392 4536212

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Written by Laura Keys
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