Paolo Fox's horoscope today January 25: love and work

Tuesday, 24/01/2023
Andrew Navarro
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Paolo Fox is a very famous astrologer, recognized throughout Italy as an authority in the field of astrology. Precisely for this reason, his predictions are always eagerly awaited and sought after, his predictions are always followed on TV and radio in the various broadcasts, from "Your facts" to "Milk and Honey".

Below you will find all of his Forecasts for the day of January 25 2023.


Important weekend coming up for Aries, there will be more courage. Who is poised between two stories must make a decision. In view of the weekend there are those who can make a good meeting, receive a nice phone call or an invitation to accept on the fly. The boldest ones can approach a person. The Moon helps to experience pleasant moments. The advice is not to stay indoors but to go out without fear.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope, there will probably be some shopping to do in this period. Some situations should therefore be handled differently, with more balance. Some will have to move, or think about the house. You want to do new things and escape from a past that no longer belongs to you. There are those who would like to move house, those who work, everyone will try to vary something, also based on their own possibilities. Wednesday day to live peacefully. Avoid doing too many things, otherwise you will go home too tired. More convincing moon from Sunday and Venus from Friday will be active.


Those born under the sign of Gemini should try to be more diplomatic in their work, avoiding raising unnecessary controversies. You may need advice to proceed in the best way, even from a lawyer. There are problems to solve at home, but there is no need to compete with your partner, even if you usually want to do everything yourself. There are problems in the financial sector, but there is no need to make risky moves, even if someone will give you a hand in this area.


On this day of Wednesday you can find a great momentum, especially if you like someone. During the weekend you will have the opportunity to understand what you want in love. The month of December was heavy and a prize you were waiting for did not arrive. Even January didn't start well, but at the end of the month you'll have the chance to make up for it or in any case to be a little more serene. Stronger couples may be thinking of taking an important step by the middle of the year. The Moon is in good shape and gives the possibility to find the right rhythm.


A positive weekend is coming for Leo. You can open up to a person who you think is your point of reference. Between Friday and Saturday the stars will be favorable. Creativity and energy are on the rise and will allow you to be admired and appreciated by the people who love you. Don't give up on your way of being, but remember to meet the needs of others as well.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope, you seem a little thoughtful in this phase. Maybe you're just a little worried and caught up in the many issues at hand. In the workplace it is necessary to carry out a research or in-depth study, but results will not be lacking, especially in the first part of February. Feelings are set aside a bit right now, but you don't have to put it off. You can't be with the person you like when you want, perhaps because of some practical issues. Beware of relationships with people of the zodiac signs Pisces or Gemini.


In this phase you must try to recover in practical matters, then love will also return to being favorable. It hasn't been easy to control your emotions lately and keep doing the usual things. It would be important to know someone who can help you carry out a project. Many need to find new and even more loyal partners. Between November and December of last year you understood that it's not possible to count on everyone and a person you cared about a lot turned out to be different from what you thought.


According to the horoscope you could also get a small or big satisfaction, especially towards some people who thought I was wrong to change group, or to start new projects. Passion in love returns starting from today's evening. If you are dealing with a person who does not convince you, it will be necessary to put them in front of a choice. You can no longer waste time with those who don't deserve you. Creativity and emotionality are favored during this period.


Professional situations can be advantageous at this stage, but must be carefully evaluated and not postponed. You have no preconceptions and therefore you manage to never fail your goals. Even though you don't have knowledge in all fields, you jump in and try. You are present and always act in the first person. Something good will happen on the weekend and you can have a pleasant time in the company of someone you like.


In love there is an edge now compared to the month of December. Those who have stayed away from their partner for various reasons can now make up time to be together. Venus from Friday returns passion to the center of attention. Those who are single can experience some interesting encounters. However, on this Wednesday we have to deal with some delay, or with some discussion linked to an issue that instead seemed to you to have already been addressed. These small delays can bring some tension in the afternoon and evening.


According to Paolo Fox's horoscope, this is the right time to understand what you want and also start making plans, to show someone who matters within the first few days of the month of May. Typically you would always want to revolutionize something. You are always attentive to friendships and even ready to go out of your way for those you love. The stars are favorable for new relationships and some hidden truths will also come out at this time. Be careful not to overspend.


The Roman astrologer advises to always be optimistic. As we approach the month of March and the more things will get better. Those who keep thinking about the past and not believing in a better future risk losing the good opportunity that will be granted by the stars by mid-May at the latest. The incoming signal could also be about love. Everything is possible in this period and it would be advisable not to miss out on some good opportunities.

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